How to get - and stay healthy - this New Year

We all say we're going to do it, and then most of us never do: Resolve to finally achieve a healthy, active lifestyle in the New Year. Fitness guru Debbie Rosas discusses nine tips to transform your resolution dream into a reality 



    Make resolutions you can keep. If an Iron Man or a marathon isn't realistically in your future, choose things that are -- like running in a 5K or biking a local trail with your kids.

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    Be specific about your goals. It's easy to say, "I'm going to get in shape," or "I'm going to be healthier.” But what does that really mean? Instead, set goals like going to the gym three times a week or learning a new sport. And stick to them.

    Acts Like Exercise

    Start out strong. Just because you've been celebrating doesn't mean you should not get started right when the time comes. Starting slowly will only make things harder as the weeks go by.

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    Match up your eating and your exercising goals. Why not double your efforts? As long as you’re going to start moving more, you might as well start eating less and eating better, too.

    Workout Partner

    Enlist a partner. It’s always easier to keep a resolution when you have a partner. So get a friend, colleague or family member who wants in, and keep each other accountable on your journey.


    Make it easier to be healthy. Fill the house with healthy food. Buy new running shoes. Stop using that treadmill as a coat rack. And send that lingering Halloween candy to the trash.


    Add fitness to your everyday life. Working out shouldn’t be a special occasion. It should be more like brushing your teeth. So keep moving throughout the day whenever you can, from choosing the stairs to watching TV on a fitness ball.


    Incorporate activity into your New Years celebration. You don't need to just indulge in food and drink on New Years. Why not indulge in a new activity, like bowling or skiing?   


    Dance. It’s the easiest, most fun, and one of the best things you can do for your body. Throw a dance party at your house, go out to a local club, take a Nia class or just shake a tail feather while you’re fixing dinner. If your body is moving to the beat, it’s also moving towards a healthier you!
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