Looking for the perfect gift to get that special guy in your life? Here are some holiday gift ideas that are both fun and promote healthy habits.

1. Lululemon Relay Jacket



The Lululemon Relay Jacket ($168 lululemon.com) features Houndstooth Twill fabric that offers protection from light rain, as well as front and back vents to let you blow off steam.  And depending on the temperature, you can cinch the hood to lock in heat or stow it in the collar when the sun comes out.  Also, if your guy is exercising at night, reflective details will help to keep him visible in low lighting.  This gift is the ultimate apparel item for any guy who loves to exercise outdoors.

2. FITBIT Flex


(Sports Authority)

The FITBIT Flex ($99.95 sportsauthority.com) is the ultimate gift for the health conscious man in your life.  Worn as a wristband, the smart accessory can track the number of steps you take, the number of calories you burn, and the amount of minutes you spend undergoing physical activity each day.  The FITBIT Flex also monitors your sleep activity and can even gently wake you up in the morning.

3. Healthy Cooking Classes



Eating healthy food is a priority for many at the beginning of the New Year, and what better way to get nutritious meals than to make them yourself?  The Institute of Culinary Education ($250) has some healthy classes for men to take – including a Healthy Weeknight class for couples.  Your man can learn how to make crunchy kale with chicken linguini or back bean and quinoa falafel.  Plus, nothing is sexier than a guy who can cook.

4. SpiderTech Tape



For the guy who loves sports and wants to keep playing through minor aches and pains, there’s a great “gadget” that can help.  SpiderTech tape (from $6.99 spidertech.com) is a wonderful at-home remedy that can offer quick and easy pain relief. Made of non-medicated cotton kinesiology tape, SpiderTech can integrate with the body, supporting and stabilizing the muscle without affecting range of motion.  Just stick it where it hurts, and you’re ready to go back out on the field.

5. The Calorie Myth by Jonathan Bailor



Is your man looking for a new approach to weight loss?  The Calorie Myth ($19 amazon.com) offers a revolutionary theory about the best way to drop those pesky pounds.  Bailor makes the claim that not all calories are created equal and that the key to losing weight revolves around the different kinds of calories you consume.  This book is a quick and easy read, and it can provide men and women alike with a new perspective on dieting.