Healthiest stadium foods

Baseball stadiums are infamous for Crackerjacks, hot dogs and other high-calorie, nutritionally-deficit foods.  But is it possible to go to a game without breaking your diet?  Check out this list of healthy (and delicious!) stadium foods.



    Feel like snacking?  Instead of Crackerjacks, consider fresh fruit or other produce.  You can find fruit cups at Coors Field in Colorado, fruit skewers at Safeco Field in Seattle and fruit salad at Fenway Park in Boston.  The Rangers Ballpark in Texas also offers fresh fruit and fruit juice in their “Kids Stand” area.   In addition to how refreshing fruit can be in the heat, fruit is very low in calories and full of nutrients you need, including vitamins, minerals, fiber and phytonutrients.   uReport: Send us photos and videos of you enjoying baseball this season. >>

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    Baseball parks today are offering more options than ever – including, weirdly enough, sushi.  Pick up nigiri or a cucumber roll at Safeco or Citifield in New York, or try the popular spicy tuna rolls at the new Yankee Stadium, which clock in at a mere 195 calories.   If you’d rather not have raw fish at a stadium, have a vegetable roll instead, which will only set you back 160 calories.


    Nearly every stadium offers salads for weight watchers, but some particularly tasty options include the Greek salad with light Greek vinaigrette (served in a flatbread) offered at San Francisco’s AT&T Park, and the roasted pear and arugula salad (only 137 calories!) at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles.   As for wraps and other great sandwiches, the curried chicken salad wrap in Los Angeles is a great option for fewer calories, as is the popular portabella mushroom sandwich in San Francisco.


    San Francisco wins again with their grilled vegetable skewers, but if you’re an Angels fan,  Anaheim's stadium also offers corn on the cob – the perfect summer food.  Just go easy on the butter and salt!


    Next time you’re in New York, instead of getting “Nathan’s famous” hot dogs, try a Nathan’s grilled chicken sandwich instead.  It’s a solid, filling choice that will only cost you 380 calories.  


    The Minute Maid Park in Houston and the Coors Field both serve up baked potatoes, which are a great starchy alternative to French fries.  Go light on the sour cream, and you’ll have a diet-friendly side to your meal--low in saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium. uReport: Send us photos and videos of you enjoying baseball this season.>>
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