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In this workout, we’ll work on core dynamic function, emphasizing the side abdominals job throughout exercises that involve transferring the forces between the lower and upper extremities.

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    Cable Wood Chop Low to High Grab a handle on a pulley machine or grab a dumbbell with both hands. Crouch down and bring the handle to your side low towards the ground. As you rise, with your arms straight, bring the weight or handle across your body diagonally toward the sky on the opposite side of your body. You need to transfer the weight from one leg to the other during the move so you do not just focus on the upper body. Do one side and then the other.
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    BB Squat to Shoulder Press Hold the BB at shoulder level while doing a squat. Lift up while extending the arms. This should be one smooth and controlled movement.
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    Cable Wood Chop High to Low Do the same wood chop move as described above, but reverse it by starting high instead of low. Do one side and then the other.
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    DB Lunge to Overhead Press Hold the DB at shoulder level, do a lunge and lift up the arms while extending the legs. This should be one smooth and controlled movement. Do one leg and then the other.
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    Russian Twist Rotate the side abdominals to one side and the to the other. Do not rotate your shoulders. The strength should come from the abdominals and nothing else.
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