Famous Redheads

They may be the butt of "ginger" jokes, but these red-headed celebs have shown just how fabulous having red hair can be

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    Bryce Dallas Howard  Actress Bryce Dallas Howard is a redhead just like her famous dad, director/actor Ron Howard. Most recently in "The Help," she also took over the role of Victoria, the evil vampire in "The Twilight Saga," from fellow redhead Rachelle Lefevre.

    Howard, 31, is also known for her work in "The Village" and "Spider Man 3."  
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    Ron Howard Now

    Ron Howard Ron Howard became famous as a child, playing Opie on “The Andy Griffith Show” and Richie Cunningham on “Happy Days.” Howard became an Academy-Award winning director for films like “Apollo 13” and “A Beautiful Mind.” His daughter, actress Bryce Dallas Howard, is also a redhead.
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    Debra Messing

    Debra Messing Best known for her role as Grace Adler in the TV series “Will & Grace,” Debra Messing’s red hair earned her a spot as one of “People” Magazine’s 50 “Most Beautiful People” in 2002. She’s married and has one son.
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    Marcia Cross

    Marcia Cross Marcia Cross’ red hair didn’t hold her back as she became the star of the 1990s hit TV show “Melrose Place,” where she played crazy Dr. Kimberly Shaw. She now plays Bree Van Der Kamp on “Desperate Housewives.”
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    Seth Green and wife

    Seth Green Seth Green is known for his roles on “Buffy: The Vampire Slayer” and “Austin Powers.” He married actress Clare Grant in 2010 (pictured here).
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    Conan O'Brien

    Conan O’Brien Conan O’Brien was host of “Late Night With Conan O’Brien” for several years and often made jokes about his red hair before he was offered the chance to host “The Tonight Show.” That gig only lasted seven months before NBC asked Jay Leno to come back, and O’Brien started his own late-night comedy show on TBS.
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    Isla Fischer

    Isla Fischer Scottish-Australian actress Isla Fischer made a splash in America with movies like “Wedding Crashers,” “Definitely, Maybe” and “Confessions of a Shopaholic.” In 2002, she played Mary Jane in “Scooby-Doo” and had to cover her red hair with a blonde wig, as Sarah Michelle Gellar’s character was supposed to be the only one with red hair.
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    Tiffany On the cover of virtually every teen magazine in the 1980s, pop singer Tiffany was known for her red hair and hits like “I Think We’re Alone Now” and “Could’ve Been.” She took a brief break from the music industry before returning as a country singer. She’s married and has a son.
    Daniel R. Tobias
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    Cynthia Nixon SATC 640

    Cynthia Nixon
    This famous “Sex in the City” redhead is known for her portrayal of Miranda Hobbes—a character whose red hair matched her fiery personality as a headstrong New York City lawyer. Her girlfriend, Christine Marinoni, also has red hair.
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    prince harry

    Prince Harry Arguably one of the most famous red-headed royals ever, Prince Harry got a party-boy reputation throughout college and even showed his wild streak dressing as Hitler for a Halloween party. The youngest son of late Princess Diana is living proof that women find redheads attractive—Harry has been linked with several high-profile women in the past.
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    Nicole Kidman

    Nicole Kidman Some don’t recognize this Australian beauty as a redhead since so many of her roles in movies have required her to dye her locks blonde. She caught Hollywood’s eye while starring in “Days of Thunder” with former husband Tom Cruise, and is now married to country singer Keith Urban. The couple has two children, Sunday and Faith—who also has red hair.
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    Molly Ringwald

      Molly Ringwald was famous in the 1980s for teen flicks like “The Breakfast Club” and “Sixteen Candles.” She currently stars in the ABC Family show “The Secret Life of the American Teenager.”
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    Julianne Moore Re

    Julianne Moore has been in a plethora of films, including “Nine Months” and “Crazy, Stupid, Love.” She is slated to play vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin, a role she will most likely have to dye her hair brown.
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    Lucille Ball Then

    Late actress Lucille Ball’s hit TV show “I Love Lucy” may have been in black and white, but everyone knew the famous comedian was a redhead. Ball died in 1989 from a dissecting aortic aneurysm.
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    Kevin McKidd

    Scottish actor Kevin McKidd first gained notoriety in the U.S. playing Lucius Vorenus in the HBO series “Rome.” He is currently starring on “Grey’s Anatomy” as Dr. Owen Hunt. He is married and has two children.
    Marco Recuay
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    Christina Hendricks

    Christina Hendricks is famous for her role as Joan Holloway in the smash AMC series “Mad Men.” Ironically, her real hair color is blonde, but she began dying her hair red as a child. Hendricks was named one of the “Sexiest Women of the World” by Esquire Magazine in 2010.
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    Rupert Grint

    British actor Rupert Grint became a sensation in both the U.K. and America playing Ron Weasley in the “Harry Potter” films.
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    Wendy's Old Fashioned Hamburgers, simply known as Wendy’s, is a fast-food chain that was founded by Dave Thomas in 1969. It is named after Thomas’ daughter, Wendy. Wendy’s is famous for its square burgers, chicken sandwiches, French fries and the Frosty beverage.
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    Tina Louise

    Tina Louise played the “movie star” Ginger Grant on the 1960s hit “Gilligan’s Island.” The question of whether Ginger or Mary Ann (who was a brunette) was sexier became a pop culture phenomenon and sought insight as to what type of woman a man desired.
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