Chernobyl Victims Starting New Life in Argentina

About 15,000 Chernobyl victims moved half a world away to Argentina.


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    Alexandre Borounov, who worked  in Chernobyl after the explosion, with his co-workers in 1986. Half of the people he worked with at the mine died from radiation exposure.

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    The explosion at Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant occurred on April 26, 1986. Consequences from the nuclear fallout lasted decades.

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    The nuclear plant in Chernobyl on June 1986.

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    Alexandre Borounov, who eventually moved to Argentina with his family, at the mine where he worked a few months before the Chernobyl disaster.

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    Alexandre Borounov with his co-workers at the Chernobyl plant. He moved to Argentina in 1996.

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    Alexandre Borounov with his co-workers. More than half died months later from radiation exposure.

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    Alexandre Borounov today in Buenos Aires with the medals he won for his heroic work at the plant after the explosion.

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    Alexandre Borounov with his uniform at the Chernobyl plant. They were not given any other protection against the radiation. 
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