Celebs Who Survived Breast Cancer

These stars were diagnosed with the big C, but battled back - and won 

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    Giuliana Rancic and Husband

    Learn how to prevent breast cancer here. Giuliana Rancic, host of E! News and wife of The Apprentice winner Bill Rancic, underwent radiation and surgery for her breast cancer. She and her husband recently welcomed a baby boy born via surrogate.       
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    Christina Applegate

    In August 2008, Christina Applegate announced she had a double mastectomy and underwent reconstructive surgery. The former "Samantha Who?" and "Married With Children" actress elected to remove both breasts even though the disease was contained in one breast. She said she is now cancer-free. Applegate called the operation a logical decision. Her mother battled breast cancer, and she tested positive for the BRCA1 gene mutation linked to breast and ovarian cancer.  Applegate and her fiance, Martyn LeNoble, had their first child, a daughter named Sadie Grace in January 2011. She now stars in the NBC sitcom "Up All Night."
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    Sheryl Crow

    Sheryl Crow was diagnosed with breast cancer in February 2006, shortly after she broke-up with cancer survivor Lance Armstrong. She has since adopted two sons, Wyatt and Levi.   
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    Edie Falco

    Edie Falco, most notable for her role as Carmella Soprano on HBO's "The Sopranos," and now for her role in "Nurse Jackie," had breast cancer in 2003. She underwent chemotherapy and continued filming "Sopranos." She has since adopted two children, Anderson and Macy.   
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    Cynthia Nixon

    Best known for her role as Miranda Hobbs on "Sex and the City," Cynthia Nixon was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006. She had a lumpectomy, followed by six and a half weeks of radiation.  Nixon said her mother, Ann, battled the disease twice.  Nixon and her partner, Christine Marinoni, have a son, Max, and Nixon has two children from a prior relationship. 
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    Hoda Kotb

    "Today" show personality Hoda Kotb had a mastectomy and reconstructive surgery in March 2007. She allowed the "Today Show" cameras to document her ordeal on TV.  Kotb is now cancer-free.   
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    Maura Tierney

    Actress Maura Tierney, who played a doctor on "ER," was set to star in the NBC series "Parenthood," when she received the news that she had breast cancer in June 2009.  "I was so, so scared of going to the doctor," Tierney told 'Parade' magazine about discovering she had a lump in her breast.  Tierney backed out of "Parenthood" - the role went to Lauren Graham instead - and concentrated on treating the disease. She had surgery, and briefly starred in the now-defunct ABC drama "The Whole Truth."  
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    Olivia Newton-John

    "Grease" star Olivia Newton-John seen here with her daughter Chloe, was diagnosed with breast cancer on July 2, 1992. She underwent surgery and chemotherapy, and recuperated in her native Australia.  
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    Kylie Minogue

    In 2005, Australian singer Kylie Minogue was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 37. She is in remission after surgery and chemotherapy.    
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    Robin Roberts

    Robin Roberts, cohost of "Good Morning America," revealed she had the disease in 2007. She returned to the morning talk show one month after undergoing surgery and chemotherapy.
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    Nancy Reagan

    Former First Lady Nancy Regan was diagnosed in 1987 after a routine mammogram. The Nancy Reagan Breast Center is named after her.
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    Diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 29 in January 2003, singer/songwriter Anastacia has since developed the Anastacia Fund through the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. In February 2013, Anastacia's managers announced she was canceling a performance in Dubai and European tour because her breast cancer had returned. 
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    Melissa Etheridge

    Singer Melissa Etheridge performed bald at the 2005 Grammy Awards after a rigorous course of chemotherapy.
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    Richard Roundtree

    Actor Richard Roundtree of "Shaft" fame proves males can get breast cancer too. He was diagnosed with the disease in 1993 and underwent chemotherapy, radiation and a mastectomy.
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    Suzanne Somers

    In 2001, Suzanne Somers decided to try alternative treatments versus traditional medicine to beat breast cancer, sparking much media attention. Today, she is healthy and cancer-free.
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    Rue McClanahan

    Rue McClanahan played the carefree Blanche Devereaux on "The Golden Girls," but in real life she battled breast cancer in 1997. McClanahan died of a stroke and brain hemorrhage in June 2010.   
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    Gloria Steinem

    Feminist, political activist and founder of "Ms." Magazine, Gloria Steinem had breast cancer in 1986.
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    Betsey Johnson

    Fashion designer Betsey Johnson continues to be a breast cancer advocate after she survived the disease. In 2003, the Council of Fashion Designers of America asked her to be an honorary chairperson for the Fashion Targets Breast Cancer initiative, according to her Web site. In 2004, she teamed up with author Geralyn Lucas ("Why I Wore Lipstick To My Mastectomy")to design an accompanying tee-shirt, which was launched in Betsey Johnson stores nationwide at a series of events called "Courage Nights."
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    Comedian Wanda Sykes appeared on the "Ellen DeGeneres" show and revealed she had gone to doctors to have a breast reduction - but found out she had breast cancer.  She opted for a double mastectomy. 
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    Ann Romney, who is wife of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, seen here, was diagnosed with ductal carcinoma in situ in 2008. The non-invasive breast cancer was removed by a lumpectomy in December of the same year - and she's been cancer-free since. Romney was also diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1998.    
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