Celebrities With Two Different Color Eyes


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    Two Colors

    Heterochromia of the eye comes in two varieties. There’s complete heterochromia, where one iris is a different color from the other. In partial heterochromia or sectoral heterochromia, part of one iris is a different color from its remainder.   Animals can have heterochromia too. Usually in animals, one eye is blue.
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    Mila Kunis

    Mila Kunis, made famous in “That ‘70s Show,” has one green eye and one brown eye.
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    Wentworth Miller

    Wentworth Miller from “Prison Break” has a sexy stare for sure. But, one eye is blue and the other is green.
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    Virginia Madsen

    Virginia Madsen of the movie “The Number 23” was born with a green eye and a brown eye.
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    Jane Seymour

    Jane Seymour played “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Women” and had a role in “Wedding Crashers.” She has one brown eye and one green eye.
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    Elizabeth Berkley

    Elizabeth Berkley was first made famous on “Saved by the Bell” as good girl Jessie Spano. She later played a stripper on “Showgirls.” Berkley has one brown eye and the other is a blueish-green.
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    Dan Aykroyd

    Look closely and you’ll see “Blues Brothers” Dan Aykroyd has one brown eye and one green one.
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    Kate Bosworth

    Kate Bosworth of “Win a Date With Tad Hamilton!” and “21” has two different eye colors: blue and brown.
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