Celebrities With Migraines

Severe head pain, nausea, stomach cramping and extreme sensitivity to light and sound are all symptoms of migraines—a disease that can affect anyone. Here, we show you those well-known people who battle the disease, yet still managed to come out on top.

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    Michele Bachmann

    Presidential hopeful Michelle Bachmann recently acknowledged that she suffers from recurring migraines, though those working on her presidential campaign say she has not missed any work from them. The Minnesota Rep. was hospitalized after a migraine developed while she was in the U.S. Capitol. "I was prescribed medication that I take on occasion whenever symptoms arise, and they keep my migraines under control,” Bachmann said. What other well-known people suffer from migraines? You may be surprised.
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    Serena Williams

    Tennis superstar Serena Williams is a victim of frequent migraine headaches. Williams, 29, is a spokesperson for the “RALLY for Menstrual Migraine” campaign, which is part of a nationwide campaign to encourage women suffering from menstrual migraines to talk to their doctors. Menstrual migraines can occur at any time, though are often linked to the menstrual cycle. They last longer than regular migraines, occur more frequently and are coupled with severe pain.
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    Ben Affleck

    Ben Affleck suffers from migraines. Last July, he was forced to pull out of the World Poker Series “Ante Up for Africa” in Las Vegas due to a migraine. And in 2006, he was hospitalized after experiencing a migraine attack.
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    Whoopi Goldberg

    Crowd-pleaser Whoopi Goldberg has been on stage and in front of the camera since she was a teenager, but she’s struggled with chronic migraines through it all.
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    Cindy McCain, wife of former presidential hopeful, John McCain, has pledged to do everything she can to educate the public about migraines as a neurological disorder. She has also promised to raise funds for migraine treatment, ever since she spilled a bottle of perfume which spurred an intensely painful migraine.
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    carly simon now

    Singer-songwriter Carly Simon has been plagued with migraines for years. Simon says she has learned to decrease the frequency of the aches by avoiding coffee and alcohol in her diet.
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    Lisa Kudrow 640

    “Friends” actress Lisa Kudrow’s migraines diminished as she grew older, but her family is still doing their part to fight the disease. Her father, Lee Kudrow, is a headache specialist in Southern California, which was lucky for Lisa when she was a child with migraines. Lee was one of the doctors involved with the use of lidocaine, a sunburn remedy, as a pain reliever for millions of headache sufferers.
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    Janet Jackson

    The King of Pop’s younger sister, Janet Jackson, had to cancel concerts in 2008 when she felt a migraine coming on. Jackson suffers from vestibular migraines, which are believed to be caused by a loss of circulation of blood to the back of the brain. This rare form of migraine is coupled with vertigo.
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    Loretta Lynn

    You would never know from the beautiful music that comes out of Loretta Lynn’s voice, but she has been dealing with migraines since she was 17 years old. Lynn revealed this in her book “Coal Miner’s Daughter,” saying that her father also suffered from the condition.
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    Elle Macpherson

    Supermodel Elle Macpherson’s secret weapon for dealing with her migraine attacks is drinking plenty of water, which she credits for doing double-duty by keeping her skin looking fresh for the cameras.
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    Marcia Cross

    Marcia Cross, everyone’s favorite housewife, has migraines that are often accompanied by memory loss and blurred vision. It took Cross ten years to learn that by avoiding certain foods and managing her stress and sleep schedules, she could get her migraines under control. She also takes a medication to prevent them and is involved in a national campaign to get help for debilitating headaches.
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