America's sleepiest jobs

A study conducted for the mattress chain Sleepy's has revealed the top ten most sleep deprived professions. The research involved analyzing data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) National Health Survey.  With Daylight Saving Time coming up on March 11, some of these professions may be getting even less shut eye.



    10. Secretaries Secretaries and administrative assistants are responsible for organizing and managing every last detail for their bosses. If their boss is busy, secretaries are probably even busier.

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    9. Plant Operators Overseeing an industrial plant can be a daunting task.  If one thing goes wrong, the results can be devastating – so plant operators have to constantly make sure everything is running smoothly at all times.


    8. Financial Analysts Responsible for giving advice to corporations and individuals on their investments, financial analysts must have their fingers on the pulse of the economy at all times.  And they don't just follow the national market, but the foreign markets as well - which get started while the rest of America is still sleeping.

    9. Computer Software Engineers and Computer Programmers

    7. Computer Programmers Computer programmers are extremely well versed in computer coding, logic, and mathematical analysis.  Developing software applications can be very complex, sometimes requiring up to 100,000,000 lines of code to complete.


    6. Social Workers These professionals are responsible for helping people solve their problems in their day to day lives.  Not only do they have their own lives to worry about, but social workers take on many other people's issues as if they were their own, which may keep them up at night.


    5. Economists Just like financial analysts, economists must constantly be aware of the ebb and flow of the economy.  They research and analyze statistics, trends, and much more in order to better predict the future economic climate.


    4. Physicians/Paramedics No wonder these jobs are tiring; when physicians and paramedics are at work, other people's health and wellbeing are at stake.  Paramedics are responsible for performing life saving tasks as they rush people to the emergency room.  Many times, these people are all that's keeping a person's heart beating.  Doctors and paramedics often work 12-hour shifts – or longer, and on-call doctors can be kept up at night by phone calls from patients.


    3. Police Officers Police officers are responsible for keeping the peace, which is a round-the-clock job.  Ranging from domestic disputes to criminal homicides, the police often put their lives on the line to protect the public from harm.

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    2. Lawyers Men and women who practice law must have a complete knowledge of the legal system - which is complex, to say the least.  In order to properly argue their case, lawyers will spend many a sleepless night researching every last detail involved in their trial.

    1. Home Health Aides and Personal and Home Care Aides

    1. Home Health Aides In the same vein as social workers, home health care providers are constantly looking after another person's life - typically someone with a chronic health condition or disability.  If they don't remain vigilant, the person for whom they care could become susceptible to harm.
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