A Strong Backside can Help your Running

As important as it is to have strong hamstring muscles, it’s just as crucial to keep them flexible. Make sure that you stretch them regularly, particularly after performing a routine.  

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    Deadlift: Don’t round your back. Keep the weight close to your body, sit back. The bench in the photo isn’t necessary, but you can use it as a guide if you need it. Works: gluteus, hamstrings, adductors, upper and lower back.
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    Lunges: The farther the feet apart the more that you engage the gluteus.  Works: quadriceps and gluteus.
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    Hamstring curl on a physioball: Make sure that the feet are planted when you roll in the ball and use the hamstrings to pull in. Bring the ball close to your body while extending the hip as much as you can while keeping it straight. Your knees should flex about 90 degrees. When extending the legs, keep the hips stable at all time and do the move in control.  To make this exercise harder, do it with one leg. This works the hamstrings and the core.
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    Barbell or dumbbell unilateral deadlift: Hold onto something if you need some stabilization until you get used to the exercise. Don’t go any lower if the back starts rounding. Don’t lock the knee. Keep it slightly flex. Works hamstrings and lower back.
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    Good Morning: This exercise provides a good stretch to the hamstrings but also taxes heavily the spine and the gluteus. So there’s no need to use heavy weights here. Keep the knees slightly flexed. Flex at the waist, and take your hips back. This exercise will help you to squat better.  Works erector spine, gluteus and hamstrings.
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