A Strength and Flexibility Workout

Do this full workout routine as super-set – two exercises performed one after another without rest.

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    Super-set 1  Back Squat - Sit back until your legs are parallel to the floor. Keep the back straight and chest up.
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    Pulley lunge to row – In a lunge position, grab the handle of the same leg flexed. In one flawless, move pull the handle all the way back while extending the legs. Keep the hips stable and the arm close to your body.
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    Super-set 2 Bench press – BB at chest level while elbows shouldn’t go beyond 90 degree angle. Contract your scapulas when the bar is down and don’t lift your hips off the bench.
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    Keep your chest up, back straight and core tight. Push the hips back and bend at the waist as much as you can while keeping the back straight. Don’t arch the back at any time. You should feel the hamstrings and the gluteus work - not the lower back.
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    Super-set 3 Bicep curl to shoulder press – Squeeze your biceps to move the weight from the starting press position. Keep your core tight and push the weight straight overhead, pushing through your heels.
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    Walking lunges – When doing the lunges, make sure you put the weight on your heels while keeping the back straight. Sit back at a 90 degree. Step with the right and left legs, alternating for the number of reps set. Don’t lean forward.
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