As most of you know, I have been in a Phase 1 drug trial to try to stop the growth of the tumors in my liver.  For me, the drug is working.  My liver metastasis is at a standstill.  The tumors are not getting smaller, but they are not getting bigger.  That is a WIN.  If everything could stay like this (though, with cancer, it usually doesn't), I could live with this disease and possibly die of something other than cancer.  Whoa!  What a concept.

This new class of drugs I’m taking are called CDK 4/6 inhibitors. These inhibitors block a protein involved in cell division which, in turn, could theoretically stop the growth of cancer cells. I have been hoping and praying that these trials go well and that others are receiving the same benefits, so we can get this through the FDA fast-track and get it to patients ASAP.

Well, it looks like this is going to happen.

On April 5th, the American Association for Cancer Research will hold its annual meeting in San Diego.  All the buzz is about a presentation that Pfizer will deliver at the conference.  Pfizer will report on this new drug, which dramatically extends the lives of patients with breast cancer.  My trial does not give a name to the drug; it is a series of numbers and letters.  But Pfizer has named this drug Palbociclib. There are other drug companies trying to reach the finish line as well, but it looks like Pfizer will be first.

This will be the first breast cancer drug that has shown a progression-free survival rate.  Pfizer's data shows a 26-month progression-free survival rate, which is incredibly exciting.

If all goes well on April 5th, I believe the FDA will fast-track the process and get this to patients quickly.  It's very exciting!