9 ways to banish bad breath

There's no doubt about it - there's nothing pleasant about bad breath. But there are ways to stop halitosis in its tracks. Just try these simple 9 steps

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    Raw Food and Juices

    There's a slew of things that can cause bad breath from poor dental hygiene to digestive problems and smoking. Fortunately there are ways to stop halitosis in its tracks. According to Gillian McKeith, author of "Food Bible: How to Use Food to Cure What Ails You," bad breath can be a sign of toxicity and imbalances in the digestive tract. To help with that, McKeith recommends eating raw foods and drinking juice.
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    Try to incorporate millet into your diet. It's not only one of the healthiest whole grains, it actually helps to reduce bacterial overgrowth in the mouth. McKeith suggests adding parsley and fennel to the millet for an extra kick.
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    Watercress, which is fresh and peppery, is another great way to battle bad breath, according to McKeith. The secret ingredient is chlorophyll, which is cleansing and hot and aids in overall digestive function.
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    Alfalfa Sprouts

    Speaking of salad ingredients, alfalfa sprouts also help cleanse your system and sweeten your breath. So, next time your in the mood for a salad, don't forget the sprouts.
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    Avoid Sugar and Refined Carbohydrates

    It's true. We're a nation that loves sugar and refined carbohydrates, but McKeith said we should try to avoid these foods because they not only cause tooth decay, but they encourage yeasts and harmful organisms in the belly.
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    Herbs and Supplements

    Herbs and supplements such as liquid chlorophyll, digestive enzymes and acidophilus capsules are also a good bet if you're trying to freshen up your mouth. McKeith suggests taking the digestive enzymes with meals, which help improve the breakdown off foods that would otherwise cause bad odors.
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    Chew Parsley

    If supplements aren't your thing, try a little parsley. McKeith said chewing the herb after meals is a good way to freshen breath.
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    Eat Fruit Alone

    Improving digestion is also very helpful. To achieve this, eat fruit alone and never for dessert, McKeith said in her book. She also warns against mixing dense proteins such as chicken or fish with dense carbs such as potatoes and rice.
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    Brush Your Teeth!

    And last but not least, brush your pearly whites at least two to three times a day and don't forget to brush your tongue in the morning. Flossing is also very important. Just think of all those bits of food that would be left behind if we didn't floss. Also, make sure you schedule regular appointments with your dentist or oral hygienist. For more information on the "Food Bible" go to www.gillianmckeith.info.  
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