8 Father's Day gifts for a healthier dad

Whether the special dad in your life is an avid athlete, a gym rat or needs some motivation, these seven Father’s Day gifts will help him be healthy, fit and stress-free.

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    DreamScience is a brainwave-oriented sleep companion and alarm clock that combines six different mood lights and 20 nature-themed soundscapes with two clinically proven technologies to help dad sleep more soundly and wake up feeling fully rested. ($99.99)
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    Voice Caddie B1 Golf GPS Band

    The Voice Caddie B1 Golf GPS Band is the world’s lightest golf distance measuring wearable. Over 30,000 courses are pre-loaded; it automatically recognizes courses and holes and displays distances to the front, middle and back of the green. The wearable features a 10-hour battery life and it can be used for two consecutive 18-hole rounds until it needs to be re-charged. ($199.99)
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    RunLite Gloves

    RunLites Gloves will help dad stay visible and safe while he works out during low-light conditions of the early morning and evening hours. The gloves feature built-in, high-intensity, rechargeable LED lights to help him see and been seen, two brightness settings and a palm pocket for storage. They’re also available in half- and full- length styles. ($34.99-$39.99)
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    Pulse Play

    If dad is into tennis or racket sports, the Pulse Play smartwatch will give him the professional experience he craves. Pulse Play tracks and announces the score, saves match statistics and history, and lets players create leagues, calculate their rankings and find other players at their levels. ($129)
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    Edifier P293 earphones

    Edifier P293 earphones are designed with an angle so they stay put whether dad’s running, biking or lifting weights. The earphones also feature a flat, tangle-free wire and noise-isolation with an inline mic. ($29.99)
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    Empower dad to make the healthiest choices for his lifestyle with the ph360 online health program. ph360 offers personalized insight and advice about things like nutrition, exercise, mood, and social interactions. ($49 monthly membership; $179 yearly membership)
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    The Fly12 combines a bike headlight and an HD action camera to help dad stay visible on the open road and capture all the action to review, edit and share. The Fly12 is also weatherproof and has a bike alarm. ($349).  
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    The LIVE WELL 360 LUXX fitness bag features a roomy interior, 11 pockets, a padded laptop compartment, removable yoga or foam roller straps, and a vented laundry and shoe chamber. Available in three colors. ($169)

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