7 Steps to Achieving a Red Carpet Glow

Want to look like Sandra Bullock at your next big event? Here are 7 easy steps to achieving that natural, glowing look

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    Sandra Bullock

    While it's fun to watch celebrities glide down the red carpet in their glittering gowns and fitted tuxedos, marveling at their well-groomed, near-perfect existence, you don't have to attend the Academy Awards to get a “red-carpet” glow like Golden Globe winner Sandra Bullock, says Annet King, director of global education at the International Dermal Institute and Dermalogica. Just follow these seven steps.
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    Combining Creams

    “Exfoliation gives a bright, luminous glow, and it gives a wonderful sheen to the skin,” King said. “It really takes off all the dirt and gets into the pores, helping the skin receive good nourishment.” If you have a big event to attend, start exfoliating several weeks before. It’s important not to over-exfoliate, because this can lead to redness or breakouts, King said. If you are getting a professional exfoliation, that treatment is probably stronger than an at-home treatment, so you would want to go only once a month. However, some at-home treatments can be done up to two or three times a week, depending on what ingredients the treatment has.
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    Apply a Face Mask

    King said to applying a face mask, particularly one with vitamins, peptides and botanical extracts, helps re-energize the skin. Typically, you would apply the mask after exfoliating, King said. Clay-based purifying masks are great for breakouts, if applied the night before a big event, King said, because they speed up the healing process.
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    Use a Spritz Toner

    This provides your face with extra hydration, and it will give you a good foundation to work the makeup on, King said.
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    Gor for a Natural Look

    The celebs who attended the Golden Globes didn’t wear a heavy mask of makeup, King said. “Now it’s all about a natural healthy glow,” she said. “You just want to accent the eyes, lips and bone structure.”What you should stay away from: heavy foundation and powders, heavy, dark eyeshadow and false eyelashes.
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    Eat Healthy

    Eating a healthy diet before any big event is key to looking good, King said. Certain foods and beverages can wreak havoc on your skin. “Eliminate high-sodium foods, processed foods and reduce your salt intake – that’s what will make you puffy,” King said. “You don’t want bags under your eyes. Instead, eat clean, organic foods and cut back on the refined carbohydrates. Also, eating more antioxidants – any fruit with dark-colored skins – will give you more energy.”
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    Make sure you are sleeping well before any big event, and that you are feeling relaxed. Stress can cause skin break-outs, make hair dull and nails brittle, King said. “Are you getting a massage? Doing yoga? What are you doing for you?” King emphasized. “Feeling relaxed will help you enjoy your big event even more.”
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    Don't Stress About Acne

    If a pimple appears on your face right before a big event, there are plenty of things you can do to minimize its appearance, King said. If you have the opportunity to see a professional skin care specialist, he or she can use a high-frequency electrical machine to zap the pimple, King said. If you cannot see a professional, there are many products that will expedite the healing process, such as algae, zinc and benzoyl peroxide.
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