7 sneaky foods (and drinks)

Part of the challenge of avoiding added sugars is that we often don't know where they lurk. Sugar-laden foods are found in places we least expect. So, what's the healthy benchmark? Nutritionist Carol Cottrill says any food that contains more than 7 grams of sugar is closer to a dessert. Here are some healthy alternatives 

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    Protein/energy bars are a quick, easy snack - but they also have about 11 grams of sugar. 
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    Instead of a protein/energy bar, snack on a handful of raw almonds. Almonds have only 1 gram of sugar, and they are heart-healthy, too. Almonds also have statins, the hormones that will keep you feeling full longer.     
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    Who doesn't love an afternoon run to the coffee shop? Sipping on a latte is sure to give you a caffeine boost, but it's laden with sugar. One sugary coffee drink contains about 17 grams of sugar. 
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    Coffee Eleven.jpg

    Instead of a sugary coffee drink trimmed with extras, drink a cappucino if you are in need of a coffee. A cappuccino contains about 9 grams of sugar. 
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    orange juice

    A glass of orange juice in the morning is often considered a breakfast staple—but that one glass contains approximately 25 grams of sugar. 
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    Instead of a glass of O.J., eat a real orange. It's just as tasty and contains only 12 grams of sugar. And you will still get all the health benefits.
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    Yogurt containing added fruit and sugar may taste like a healthy snack or dessert, but don't fool yourself: One serving has at least 26 grams of sugar.
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    Instead of yogurt with added fruits and sugar, opt for plain Greek yogurt. It's zingy taste is definitely more healthy, as it only has 8 grams of sugar.
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    Vitamin water is all the rage these days, but one serving has approximately 33 grams of sugar. 
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    drinking water

    Instead of vitamin water, opt for regular water. It has zero grams of sugar. 
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    Sports drinks are great to bring to the gym, but like vitamin water, they contain about 30 grams of sugar. 
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    Instead of a sports drink, drink coconut water, which only has 6 grams of sugar. Coconut water has gained a lot of attention in recent years, as celebrities everywhere seem to be touting the low-calorie, electrolyte-rich drink.    
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    Dried fruits may taste delicious, but they are chock full of sugar, containing upwards of 29 grams.   
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    Eat Fruit Alone

    Instead of dried fruits, opt for fresh fruit, which contain a multitude of health benefits and only contain about 7 grams of sugar. 
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