7 Most Bizarre Plastic Surgery Procedures

Almost everyone wishes they could change something about the way they look, but these surgical procedures take it to an extreme

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    Voice Lift So you’ve had an eye lift, Botox, lip injections and eyelash extensions, and you still don’t feel youthful enough? You can get rid of the hoarseness in your voice that creeps up on all of us as we age. This procedure used to only appeal to professional performers, but now more and more of the average population in search of the fountain of youth is going under the knife for a crisp, clearer voice. In some cases, vocal cord implants are inserted through an incision in the neck, bringing the vocal cords closer together. Doctors may also inject fat or collagen into the vocal cords to plump them up and make them more limber—resulting in a younger-sounding voice.
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    flip flops pink

    Toe Tuck Having a hard time fitting into your favorite stilettos? A pinky toe tuck operation might be for you. It involves cutting the pinky toe to give the foot a slimmer look. A pinky toe tuck is much more painful than other foot operations, but advocates claim that the pain you will no longer feel when wearing shoes is worth it.
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    pointed ears

    Ear Pointing In this bizarre surgery, a small sliver of the ear is removed and the remaining edges are stitched together. The result? A pointed ear that looks similar to an elf. The surgery is said to be very painful, and is also irreversible. So you might want to think about whether you will still be as crazy about the “Lord of the Rings” fan at 50 years old as you are at 18.
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    Tongue Patch

    Tongue Patch Counting calories not working for you? A tongue patch is a new surgical option for weight loss.
    This procedure, done by only a handful of surgeons in the U.S., involves numbing the tongue and stitching a piece of rough, thin, plastic about the size of a postage stamp to it. As a result, patients feel uncomfortable enough that they don’t want to eat solid food and by default are on a liquid diet for up to 30 days. Surgeons say although extreme, the tongue patch is perfectly safe and reversible.
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    Vampire Woman Reuters

    Horn Implants Feeling devilish? In this real surgical procedure, fragments of Teflon or silicone are inserted under the skin of the forehead. Initially small pieces are inserted, and then larger pieces as the skin gradually stretches. This woman, dubbed "Vampire Woman" added horns as the finishing touch on her out-of-this-world look.
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    Lizard Man 2

    Tongue Bifurcation Tongue bifurcation, or tongue splitting, cuts the median fibrous septum that centrally divides the tongue, giving the appearance of a lizard tongue. When done by a professional oral surgeon, there is little risk. The cutting can also be done with a laser, and normally takes about a month to completely heal. However, if the tongue is cut too far back into the muscle, speech could be affected.
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