5 Secrets to a Healthy Meal in Minutes

Making a healthy dinner at the end of the workday doesn’t have to be a hassle. Meals can be prepared quickly using fresh, interesting ingredients. Food director at Real Simple magazine, Allie Lewis Clapp, offers 189 healthy recipes in her new book 'Real Simple Dinner Tonight: Done!' Check out these essentials to making a healthy meal in about 30 minutes 

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    Bean Soup

    Soup can be a healthy meal in and of itself, especially if it’s bean-based. You can always go with the canned variety but dried beans last a long time, cost less, and contrary to reputation, can be easy to prepare. Try black bean soup with smoky jalapeno salsa.
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    Grilled Salmon

    Grilling is a great way to cook the fat off your food and pack on the flavor. Also, fish like salmon and cod are terrific on the grill – and grilling shrimp with the shells on keeps them amazingly moist. No other cooking method adds flamed-on flavor to veggies.
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    Bulk Food

    Healthy eating’s best kept secrets are hiding in your bulk food aisle. Ingredients such as bulgur, barley and quinoa are inexpensive sources of fiber and protein that are a breeze to cook and give your meal extra texture. You can even batch cook them on Sunday night to have all week long.
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    Fresh fruit packs extra nutrients into a meal, creates a refreshing contrast with meat in the summer and requires little or no cooking time. Try this recipe from “Real Simple Dinner Tonight: Done!,” for roasted pork chops and peaches
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    The phrase ‘vegetarian meal’ used to sound like an oxymoron but there is mounting evidence about the benefits of a plant-based diet. Shoot for one vegetarian dinner a week, like stir-fried rice noodles with tofu and vegetables.
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