14 foods to die for

They may taste delicious, but the fatty treats you love are becoming more extreme ... and more deadly.

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    Burger King's Bacon Sundae 510 calories 18 grams of fat 61 grams of sugar Burger King has unleashed their Bacon Sundae just in time to ruin people's waistlines for the summer.  This sundae boasts not just the usual vanilla ice cream with chocolate fudge, caramel -- it's also topped with crumbled and sliced bacon, as its name implies.   Even worse, it's not the the only bacon sundae out there, or even the unhealthiest.  Read on for more.
    Burger King
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    bacon ice cream

    Denny's Maple Bacon Sundae 810 calories 40 g fat 85 g sugar America's obsession with bacon has hit an all-time high with this fatty dessert. The maple bacon sundae is part of Denny's limited time "Baconalia" menu. The sundae is made up of layers of maple-flavored syrup, 2 generous scoops of vanilla ice cream, and plenty of hickory-smoked bacon.  With more fat and calories than a whole meal should contain, you might want to skip this dessert—it may turn you into a real porker.
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    Pizza Hut Middle East's Chicken Fillet and Cheese Burger Crown Crust Pizza Estimated > 600 calories per slice Estimated > 23 grams fat per slice Pizza Hut Middle East has taken its crazy crusts one step further with the new Chicken Fillet Crown Crust Pizza and the Cheese Burger Crown Crust Pizza.  Lovers of both pizza and cheeseburgers can order a pizza topped with cheeseburger ingredients -- beef, tomatoes, lettuce and special sauce -- surrounded by "grilled mini cheeseburgers in golden brown crusts."   Or if chicken is on your mind, order a smorgasbord of poultry - breaded chicken tenders and chicken strips atop a pizza with chicken fillet balls nestled in the crust. Pizza Hut Middle East doesn't provide any nutrition facts for its new royal pizzas, but chances are the calorie-counts are quite high.  A plain cheeseburger from McDonald's has about 300 calories with 12 grams of fat.  That, combined with the 265 calories (15 g of fat) in a regular slice of plain stuffed crust, makes for close to 600 calories per slice.
    Pizza Hut Middle East
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    Pizza Hut's Hot Dog Stuffed Crust Estimated 450 calories per slice Estimated 26 grams fat per slice Combining two staples of American food culture, Pizza Hut announced its new Hot Dog Stuffed Crust available for delivery in the U.K.  According to the delivery site, the crust consists of a "succulent hot dog sausage" baked inside Pizza Hut's famous stuffed crust. While there is no nutritional value available for the crust/hot dog hybrid, a regular slice of plain stuffed crust pizza contains 265 calories with 11.6 g of fat and a standard ball park hot dog has 180 calories with 15 g of fat.  But beware!  Only the large, 14-inch pizza is available for delivery - making it extra tempting for people to have more than one slice.  
    Pizza Hut UK
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    Starbucks Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha

    Starbucks Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha 700 calories 27 g fat 95 g sugar During the holiday season, just about any sweet treat you consume can be found in some kind of special seasonal flavor.  But if you think you are doing your waistline a favor by skipping dessert and going for a specialty coffee instead, you are sadly mistaken. Follow Dr. Manny on Twitter! The worst offender?Starbucks' Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha. A venti made with whole milk and topped with whipped cream adds up to 700 calories, 27 grams of fat and 95 grams of sugar.  With the nutritional equivalent of more than 17 candy canes, its best to leave this jolly drink for Santa.
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    Carl's Jr. 12-Inch Cheeseburger

    Carl's Jr. 12-Inch Cheeseburger 850 calories 20 g fat The saying goes, bigger is better. Two fast-food chain restaurants, Carl’s Jr. in Southern California and Hardee’s in Indiana are promoting a new kind of sandwich – a 12-inch cheeseburger. The sandwich, priced at $4.50, is served on a white sub roll and has three pieces of meat, three slices of cheese, lettuce and tomato. But beyond the sandwich’s cost comes a heftier price tag of calories and fat. Can’t find this super-sized treat in your area? Not to worry, if the sandwich is a success in the two testing markets, it will be sold across the country.
    Carl's Jr.
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    Taco Bell's Cheesy Double Beef Burrito

    Taco Bell's Cheesy Double Beef Burrito 460 calories 20 g fat 1620 mg sodium Who doesn’t love a little Mexican food? This on-the go wrap is loaded with a double portion of ground beef and filled with nacho cheese sauce and rice. It has 68 percent of your sodium intake for the entire day. And consider this-the burrito is probably only part of your drive-thru meal. Fiesta potatoes or cinnamon twists, anyone?
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    Outback Steakhouse Chocolate Thunder from Down Under

    Outback Steakhouse Chocolate Thunder from Down Under 1,911 calories 88 g saturated fat 135 g carbohydrates The name says it all—this dessert has DANGEROUS written all over it! Considering you would probably order this high-calorie chocolate mess after you've already consumed an oversized, caloric heavyweight of a meal, you might want to skip it and head to the gym. Climbing stairs for more than 3 hours will get you back to where you started on the scale before this sweet treat.Follow Fox News Health on Twitter!
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    Chipotle Mexican Grilled Chicken Burrito

    Chipotle Mexican Grilled Chicken Burrito 1,179 calories 7 g fat 2,656 mg sodium Just when you thought you were safe with grilled chicken…. Chipotle tries to make a reputation for healthy, fresh ingredients, but their huge portions can cause huge waistlines! Think you can kiss someone for 16.4 hours? That’s how long it will take to get rid of all these calories.
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    Friendly’s Ultimate Grilled Cheese BurgerMelt

    Friendly’s Ultimate Grilled Cheese BurgerMelt 1,160 calories 83 g fat 80 percent of the recommended daily amount of sodium Can’t choose between a grilled cheese sandwich or a burger? Now you can have both! The Ultimate Grilled Cheese BurgerMelt consists of a Black Angus patty with lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise—sandwiched between two full-sized grilled cheese sandwiches. Talk about a hearty lunch! You would have to go on a 2-hour jog to burn all these calories!
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    KFC’s Double Down Sandwich

    KFC’s Double Down Sandwich 540 calories 32 g fat 1,380 mg sodium Craving a chicken sandwich—with A LOT of chicken? Look no further than the KFC Double Down. Bacon, cheese and of course—the Colonel’s special sauce with not one, but two fried chicken breasts. Buns are so last year. If you feel like you can’t resist this chicken delight, beware! It would take more than an hour of high-flying kicks and karate chops to burn off the Double Down.
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    Uno Chicago Grill Chicago Classic Deep Dish Pizza

    Uno Chicago Grill Chicago Classic Deep Dish Pizza 2,310 calories 162 g fat 4,470 mg sodium This “personal” pizza is anything but personal. Even if you shared it with your friends at Uno Chicago Grill, it is not exactly the healthiest choice. Not to mention that all the sodium will leave you so thirsty, you’ll surely be guzzling refills of soda to wash down all the greasy goodness. After eating one of these pizzas, be sure to set aside some time to burn it off on the playground — jumping rope at a constant speed for more than three hours.
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    Cold Stone PB&C Shake

    Cold Stone PB&C Shake 2,010 calories 13 g fat 880 mg sodium 153 g sugar Talk about drinking your calories! It may only take a few minutes of your afternoon to drink this "Gotta Have It" size milkshake, but if you do, forget about eating anything else for the day! The Cold Stone PB&C Shake has an entire day’s worth of calories, which would leave you washing dishes for 13 hours to break enough of a sweat to get this shake off your buns and thighs.Follow Fox News Health on Twitter! 
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    Applebee's Appetizer Sampler Platter

    Applebee's Appetizer Sampler Platter 2,510 calories 168 g fat 6,660 mg sodium Even if you share this with your table, you are still doing your waistline a disservice. This appetizer is an assortment of all the worst snacks you could eat—put onto one plate. The idea of eating a few bites of each treat won’t work for most people, since your taste buds will crave the different flavors of the foods … and the salt! An 150-pound adult would have to play badminton for 4 hours to burn off this platter!
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