11 High-Stress Jobs

Thinking of making a career change? You might want to think twice. These jobs are known to give you high anxiety

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    Being in an environment where life and death is just a normal day on the job means doctors and nurses need to have a strong backbone. They must take care of numerous patients with medical issues and questions, and are often at the risk of a possible lawsuit. Their hours can be grueling, and many have piles of student loans that need to be paid off. All the pressure involved with working in the medical field makes this stressful profession one that not many can successfully manage.
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    Unpredictable weather may be rough for someone’s morning commute, but for farmers, it can be a disaster. Taking care of their costly agriculture means farmers must have the right amount of sun and rain, and an unexpected drought or over-abundance of rainfall could potentially ruin a field that took months to cultivate. Farmer’s anxiety, which rests on something that can’t be controlled, equates to job that’s highly stressful.
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    Sure, children and teens are the future, but not all are ready and willing to be molded into scholars. Teachers must prepare students for standardized tests, convince reluctant learners that education is important, and grade a multitude of papers, all the while trying to keep their lessons engaging. On top of that, there are the parent teacher conferences, which aren’t always smooth sailing.
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    Rushing into flaming buildings to rescue people is certainly heroic, but for firefighters, it also translates to a lot of stress. They must always be prepared for emergencies, many of which are devastating and dangerous, and they work closely with victims and emotional families. The scorching heat of a blazing fire is enough to keep even the calmest person on edge.
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    Combat Solider

    Combat Solider
    One of the most stressful jobs is being a combat soldier. After months of grueling training, they travel to unfamiliar lands they are often unwelcome in, handling weapons that have the potential for mass destruction. Far from their families at home, soldiers must be on constant alert, ready at any moment to follow the boss’s orders. The long-term effect of the job can result in post-traumatic stress disorder, a disease whose quick cure is not always imminent.
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    Air Traffic Controller
    Any small mistake as an air traffic controller can prove lethal to a plane full of passengers. They must be able to solve technical problems that arise, monitor various aspects of the plane’s whereabouts, and be ready for constant communication with more than just one boss. Being ready to follow precise directions means attention to detail is a must, making stress an often unavoidable aspect of the job.
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    Restaurant Manager
    Not many customers are aware of the behind-the-scenes action that occurs at a restaurant. Managers are responsible for making sure food gets out, employees are paid, and all the diners are happy with their meal and service. Faulty computers and a chef that walks out means these managers must be able to think quickly on their feet, which can be a bit stressful if it’s a Friday night with a line full of reservations.
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    New York Stock Exchange With Wall Street Sign

    Having a job based on what’s going on in the economy doesn’t exactly translate to a stable working environment. This job involves risks and uncertainty, with many financial decisions resting on speculation. Since they often advise clients where to invest, stockbrokers can face grave financial consequences if their foresight is inaccurate.
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    Crime Scene Cleaners

    Probation Officer
    These officers, who are in charge of defendants until a jail time is set, have a responsibility to the public. Parole officers must make sure defendants are complying with rules and working cooperatively in society. It is a bit nerve-wracking to be in charge of a potentially volatile and unpredictable defendant who is undoubtedly less than thrilled about the jail time ahead.
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    Stressed Accountant

    Dealing with money, numbers, calculations and rules all day is enough to cause even the most focused person to feel stress. Attention to specific detail, like the footnotes at the end of a balance sheet and the constantly changing rules of financing is not exactly relaxing. And on top of that, accountants must handle their client’s often complicated questions and stick to specific deadlines for reports.
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    Car Salesman

    Trying to convince people to drop cash on a product can be exhausting. And when a salary depends on the sale because of commission, the task becomes even more of a chore. A salesperson needs to not only have the patience to deal with crazy customers, but also the charm to persuade buyers that life would be incomplete without the latest merchandise they’re selling.
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