Utah Mining Disaster

August 10, 2007
By Greta Van Susteren

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If all goes as planned, tonight we have a special show for you: the legal panel for an hour. I get many e-mails from viewers asking for this, so you will get it tonight — unless, of course there is breaking news.

Speaking of breaking news, I don't know about you, but the first thing I have been doing when I wake up this week is check on the miners trapped underground. This is one of those stories that I keep tuning in to — I may be one of the only ones with hope left and I realize, after this morning's news, there is not a lot of reason to have hope. Mining sure is a tough job: the pay is low and the risk high.

I have been getting many e-mails about Bob Murray, the owner of the company doing the mining in Utah where the collapse occurred. Not one e-mail I have read is supportive of him. E-mails are not only critical of him, but hostile... sometimes very hostile. I am anxious to see, when this story is over and the investigations completed, whether he has been perceived fairly. I really don't know what to think at the moment.

Last night when I walked in at midnight (which for me is right after work) my husband was laughing at me. He met me with "'The Daily Show' made fun of you." He explained... and, I admit, it was funny.

I am curious, do you watch the behind the scenes videos I post on this blog? I want to know if it is energy well spent or not.

If all goes as planned — and right now I am not optimistic — we will have a bit of a new look on the blog on Monday. I have not yet mastered the new software, but perhaps today is the day I master it — stay tuned!

Now for some e-mails:

E-mail No. 1

I think there is far more to the Levinson story than anyone, including his wife, knows. Who in their right mind would fly to Iran to investigate "cigarette smuggling"? He has a new life under an assumed name somewhere.
How do people, reporters etc. always find stuff on MySpace and other Web sites? MySpace always has alias' so how do they find the real person and how did they find Kesse's photo on some lesbian personals site?
Last question, do you watch the commercials? Why do some commercials have 2-4 slight variations to them? The RBS commercial with the people in the gondola thing stuck in the air on the side of the mountain — that commercial must have 4 variations that run on FOX. Just curious what the reason is.
Karen Kirwan
Plantation, FL

ANSWER: We are probing more into the Bob Levinson disappearance (we did the topic again last night.) As for commercials, I can't see them as you can. I would have to tape the show and then watch it in order to see the commercials and even commercials can vary from media market to media market. Sometimes the variations are due to time — whether a 30 second commercial for a company or 15 second. As for the Web site question, I don't know and perhaps someone will e-mail us that answer.

E-mail No. 2

Greta, there is no way that Mr. Levinson just happened to find this guy after all these years. Something is rotten in Denmark, as we always say in these hills. I feel sorry for his family. Cause I suspect, Mr. Levinson was still employed by the U.S. government and got caught up in a mess.
Doris Royle
Purdum, NE

E-mail No. 3

Hi Greta,
I read your blog today and was so happy to see that Bob Levinson was on the top of your list of important stories.
I know the Levinson family quite well (3 of the girls are my sorority sisters, one of which was the Matron of Honor at my wedding). I can tell you that Mr. Levinson is one of the most incredibly caring and generous men I have ever met. I just can't even imagine that someone would think that his intentions were malicious or suspicious in anyway, although I too recognize the past link to the FBI. I look forward to seeing what you uncover about this man he met with. Someone like that, I am sure, is quite paranoid. I have no doubt (in my heart) however, that Mr. Levinson is alive and will be reunited with his family soon.
He is the father of 7 BEAUTIFUL children and has a loving wife that he just adores. I do hope that you will have the opportunity to meet him when he comes home.
Thank you for bringing the nations attention to such a personal story. I know that your opinion is greatly respected.
Amanda Baker

E-mail No. 4

My wife does this all the time. Tosses the cellphone in her purse, it dials me, she doesn't have a clue that I am now listening in on her conversations with whomever is in the car. It can be, shall we say, very enlightening...

E-mail No. 5

Dear Greta,
Anytime Geoffrey Fieger has a platform for a rant, he will take it — so no matter how quickly you try to change the subject, etc, (do damage control), you have already opened the can of worms, and it is too late. Thumbs down on him.
Madeleine's parents get little sympathy from me. If they were in the U.S., they would (or should) be charged with felonious child endangerment. They were incredibly irresponsible. I've missed a lot of "On the Record" — maybe you have discussed this.
I do have great sympathy for the Levinsons. I'm glad no one is mentioning the obvious (lest the danger increase), but people with Jewish last names especially are in hostile territory when visiting Muslim countries.
Martha Fregia
Midland, TX

E-mail No. 6

How much does Greta get paid by Sharpie for using their pen on the air?
Meg Kelso
Marietta, GA

E-mail No. 7

Hi Greta,
Geoffrey nor John Edwards are favorites of mine but I do think that Geoffrey had a good point. But maybe nobody was worthy of any break or consideration. I didn't see the cases of all those people.
But what was with this "no fear" thing? What was that all about? Why did you even say that about Geoffrey? I think it was related to him taking on the big dogs in high places but just didn't know why you kept on about it like you did. Even making it your final question and putting Geoffrey on the spot like you did.
I really dislike the "no fear" stuff that is advertised all the time for young kids and adults who still think like kids. They latch on to that slogan and go out and break their necks trying to have "no fear". A person who has "no fear" is either lying or they are just plain stupid.
As a volunteer firefighter years ago, I was fortunate enough to share my firefighter duties with a District Court Judge. The one thing I learned from him was that a little bit of fear could keep you alive and I've always been thankful he taught me that. To have "no fear" or fear nothing or nobody is an outrageous comment about someone and I sure hope Geoffrey's silence was related to you catching him off guard with that remark rather than his own huge ego. Having "no fear" is nothing to be proud of for sure.
Barb Christianson
Grand Junction, CO

ANSWER: I was just having some fun teasing Fieger for going after the Michigan Supreme Court.

E-mail No. 8

I understand that yours is a program that discusses the legal aspect of crimes committed, but when the implications of a case which is so indicative of the problems we face as a society as a whole are completely ignored, it is a disservice. This is a case which is the essence of what we face as a nation, trying to incorporate a toxic culture into one which is used as a refuge. How can we address problems that are self-inflicted — adhering to practices which reduce to women to servile, disposable positions. This women followed practices which imprisoned her. She was her own warden for her religion. Western law cannot save someone from themselves.
Roger Weir

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