Wild and wacky cupcake recipes

A look at the most adorable, ridiculous, and over-the-top cupcakes on the web.

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    Kale Cupcakes Though these confections were meant to prove a point about what actually counts as eating a vegetable, the maker of these treats found that after they were rolled in crushed kale, the honey cupcakes were actually pretty good.
    CupcakeProject.com/The Daily Meal
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    Bears and Cupcakes These cute fondant bears are both snuggly and delicious.
    TheSweetSpot.com/The Daily Meal
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    Beer Mug Cupcakes Whether made for St. Patrick’s Day or just a day dedicated to beer and festivities, these frothy beer mug cupcakes look like fun to pick up and eat.
    IamBaker.net/The Daily Meal
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    Cherry Coke Float Cupcakes Topped with a chocolate shell and baked with a cherry in the center, these throwback cupcakes are a fun treat at a kid’s or adult’s birthday party.
    MoogieAndPap.com/The Daily Meal
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    Lucky Charms Cupcakes Perhaps taking a love of breakfast cereal a little too far, this baker created a Lucky Charms cupcake after picking out the marshmallows from the box. (Though they do sound quite tempting.)
    Brianne Izzo/The Daily Meal
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    Rice Krispie Treat Cupcakes Adding a little Snap, Crackle, and Pop to a cupcake is never a bad idea, especially when it involves topping it with colorful sprinkles like this recipe. With a crunchy, sweet exterior and a fluffy interior, it’s a fantastic dessert.
    CupcakeProject.com/The Daily Meal
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