Which ice cream classics are still churning?

From the soda shop to the soft serve truck, nothing screams childhood like ice cream. But have you ever wondered if the flavor of your youth has hit the deep freeze or is still churnin'?  Let's face it, as years pass, some old school flavors just don't work anymore. We did some research to find out if you can still relive your youth through this creamy treat. 

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    Bubblegum: STILL CHURNIN'  While there were others that made bubble gum ice cream, none compared to Baskin-Robbins' version, which was pink and full of tiny pink bubblegum squares.  For all of you who were confounded about what to do with the gum --eat (and possibly swallow) it along the way, or save it until you polish off the ice cream, the good news is that it still remains a seasonal flavor, so you still get the chance to experiment with your gum ball strategy. 
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    Butter Crunch: STILL CHURNIN' Friendly's Butter Crunch -- a buttery maple flavored ice cream with butter crunch candy pieces -- has for years made the rounds. Today, the flavor is featured as one of Friendly's retro flavors and is still readily available. 
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    Fruit Special: DEEP FREEZE (can possibly be thawed out) Sure, Blue Bell's Fruit Special sounds like something along the lines of cafeteria leftovers.  Described as Tutti-Frutti ice cream with pineapple chunks, maraschino cherries, miniature marshmallows, and chopped roasted almonds, it's a little hard to love. But that's not stopping Blue Bell fans from hoping to get it back. They'll soon be able vote for their favorite retired flavor.  But if it is reintroduced in 2013, you will only be able to find it in supermarkets in about 20 states.
    Blue Bell Creameries
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    Cracker Jack Ice Cream Bars: DEEP FREEZE Cracker Jack Ice Cream Bars were the bomb back in the '70's. Sadly, they never made it as big as their original popcorn in a box. Find more products from yesteryear here.
    Courtesy of Ron Toth, Jr. & Time Passages Nostalgia Company
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    Frusen Glädjé: DEEP FREEZE It's got a funny name and funky packaging. Frusen Glädjé--Swedish for 'frozen joy'--was popularized as a luxury ice cream in the 1980's. Gloria Vanderbilt even endorsed a tofu version of the stuff!  But sadly, like Vanderbilt's jeans, you won't be able to find this ice cream treat.
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    Pudding Pops: DEEP FREEZE The Bill Cosby famously endorsed the pop that made its debut in the 1980's. These weren't just mere fudgesicles --these "were frozen pudding on a stick."  (Remember the commercial?) While the chocolaty pop returned shortly in 2004, it is no longer being produced.
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    Screwball's Delight: STILL CHURNIN' This is just one of the fabulous creations made by Jahn's, an old school soda shop franchise that once served New York's metropolitan area.  The shop also offered treats like the Suicide Frappe' and the (#”&’$?/) Special. But good luck finding their unique ice cream--the only shop left is in Queens, N.Y.
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    Any HoJo's Flavor: DEEP FREEZE In the mood for Frozen Pudding, Fruit Salad, Burgundy Cherry, or Lemon Stick flavored ice cream? Back in the day, Howard Johnson's used to sell 28 tasty flavors at their restaurants. Sadly, the last HoJo's closed in 2005.
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