Wet, weird and wacky: glasses gone wild

From sophisticated and bizarre French and Japanese designs to outlandish and funny, these wine beer and everyday glasses come in all shapes and sizes. You may never dare to drink from some of them, but you may want them on the table just to have a good laugh.

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    Your grandpa's glass? Hopefully not. Drinking from this tumbler may remind you of that day when you accidentally took a gulp from your grandfather’s denture glass. Available on Inventor Spot.
    Inventor Spot
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    Petit Coeur - Little Heart Glasses French designer Etienne Meneau has a reputation for his unusually shaped glassware.  Here is one of his latest creations: Petit Coeur or Little Heart drinking glass which consists of four interconnected tubes to create an abstract image of a human heart.  
    Etienne Meneau
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    Self-stirring glass  Yes, it’s self-stirring, and it doesn’t need a battery. Available on Toxel.com, this creation comes with a ceramic ball at the bottom that mixes the tea as you swirl or move the cup. What's more, its shape is designed so cleverly the ball doesn’t fall into your mouth when you drink.
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    Write-on mommy's little helper  What a great little helper for moms who like to carry their cups and coffee mugs around the house, from the living room, to the laundry room, to the garage. Vacuum the rug, pick up milk, pack the lunch - there are so many things to remember and now you can take your to-do list with you. Available on Toxel.com, this mug lets you write your chores on it and erase them when they are done.  
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    Dog marking a hydrant  Ewww! Who would want to drink from this tumbler? You may never want to serve beer in this glass, but it's certain to be a talker. Featured in Inventor Spot and made by Donkey Products this glass would most definitely spark a giggly conversation at any dinner table.
    Inventor Spot
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    Caught in a web   Wow, what a vicious trio of glasses – they would make a wicked Halloween gift. The three tumblers fit inside each other creating an image of a spider crawling towards a butterfly captured in its web. Not for the faint of heart, you can find them here.  
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    Not a glass but a drinking device Kyouei Design calls this creation a drinking device. It consists of a bulb-shaped container with a glass attached below. Why all the complexity? As you drink, the amount of wine in the glass decreases and more is poured from the tank into the glass, but it never overflows or spills over because the air pressure and water pressure are calculated just right.
    Kyouei Design
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