Weird Gifts for the Foodie

Looking for a last minute holiday gift for a food-loving friend or family member?  Here are several cool and and slightly whacky gifts that come with a light sprinkling of humor. 



    The Peter Petrie egg separator looks like a giant face.  When you crack an egg into the head, tilt it downwards the egg white runs out of its nose. Cost: $13.49 


    The Candy Cane Tea infuser is designed to look like a colorful red and white striped candy cane.  Dip it into a hot steaming cut of water and instantly make tea.  The two-piece stainless tea infuser can be filled with any type of tea leaves. Cost: $10.99 


    The Bottle of Wine Glass is shaped like a regular wine glass, but this giant globe holds an entire bottle of wine.  Cost: $11.99 


    These candy canes don’t taste like peppermint, they taste like bacon. The bacon flavored candy canes come in a pack of 6 and look identical to the regular peppermint stripped candy sticks. Cost: $ 6.49 


    The Ice Ball Mold makes perfect ice spheres, which take longer to melt and will keep your drink nice and cool and undiluted. Cost: $213
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