Weird and wonderful foie gras desserts

You wouldn't think that duck liver would make for a delectable dessert. But foie gras, a controversial delicacy that was banned in California in July, has made its way into sweet treats from coast to coast. Check out some of the ways chefs have incorporated foie gras into your favorite desserts.



    Foie Gras Dessert
    Sage American Bistro 
    Columbus, Ohio

    “We incorporated favors of carrot, ginger, pineapple, and salty caramel to bring out the decadence of the fois gras,” says Operations Manager Nicki Lawson. “It eats almost like comfort food, and is an edgy new take on what dessert can be.”
    Jack Moore, Sous Chef


    Foie Gras Milkshake
    FLIP Burger Boutique 
    Birmingham, Ala. and Atlanta

    Feeling brave? "Top Chef All-Stars" winner Richard Blais' restaurant, which has two Atlanta locations along with a restaurant Birmingham, Ala., is infamous for its foie gras milkshake.  "The foie gras milkshake is the perfect example of what we offer at FLIP – quality ingredients in an accessible format and environment," says Barry Mills, founder of FLIP. "We are fine dining that meets the masses and nothing showcases this better than the foie gras milkshake."

    Rowina Amick – Concentrics Restaurants


    Foie Gras PB&J
    Birch & Barley
    Washington D.C.

    Made with foie  gras-peanut butter mousse and concord grape sorbet, Birch & Barley's Grown Up PB&J also includes champagne grapes and cinnamon toast brioche.
    Birch & Barley


    Foie Gras Cheesecake
    Haven Gastropub
    Orange and Pasadena, Calif.

    Greg Daniels, Haven Gastropub's executive chef and partner, says that the foie gras cheesecake was born in fall 2010 while looking through “Culinary Artistry” by Andrew Dornenburg and Karen Page.

    “Every once in a while, I'll pull this book out for inspiration in building a seasonal dish,” Daniels says, “and this time we were just looking for what kind of fruit we wanted to serve with cheesecake, and hadn't thought further into the dish.  When looking at fall items, I spotted foie gras, and said out loud, ‘we could do Foie Gras Cheesecake,’ never intending this to become reality.”

    The foie gras cheesecake with hibiscus gel and vanilla crumble was served at both of Haven’s locations until the ban went into effect on July 1.
    Haven Gastropub


    Foie Gras Cake
    Craftsman and Wolves 
    San Francisco

    The Devil Inside, from San Francisco’s Craftsman and Wolves, is another rich dessert that is no longer available, but Chef William Werner still explained the inspiration behind the dish.

    "We currently make a savory cake called the Rebel Within, laced with sausage, scallion and a soft cooked egg in the center,” Werner says. “I liked the idea of a sweet counterpart to this item, with something equally surprising inside.”

    The cake itself is made with roasted almond and cocoa nibs, and the inside is a ganache made with dark chocolate. The cake is garnished with toffee and salt.

    “The main flavor inspiration came from the classic pairing of foie gras torchon with toasted brioche and quince preserves. Here the cake replaces the brioche and the ganache the preserves, and everything is all wrapped up in one package."
    Craftsman and Wolves


    FG&J Donut
    Los Angeles Sadly, you can no longer get this foie gras and jam donut thanks to California’s ban, but the sweet and savory treat from LA’s UMAMIcatessen was a favorite when it was available. The donut was filled with dark forest berry jam and foie gras and then topped with powdered sugar and peanuts.
    Umami Restaurant Group
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