Wake Up to These 12 Decadent Brunch Dishes

Creamy eggs Benedict washed down with never-ending streams of fizzy mimosas, followed by layers of buttermilk pancakes oozing with maple syrup. It’s no wonder brunch has become a part of nearly everyone’s weekend routine. READ: 10 Bloody Mary Recipes Inspired By Global Cities Those sacred hours between breakfast and lunch are a time of indulgence, providing the delicious freedom to savor plenty of rich delights that, sadly, disappear during the week. And whether you’re actually daring enough to wait in a growing line outside your favorite restaurant on a Sunday just for their bloody-Mary-and-omelet-specials or not, we’re hoping you’ll stay indoors this time around. Why, you ask? Because you can enjoy some of the most tantalizing brunch delights right from the comfort of home. Check out our picks for best sweet and savory brunch dishes below, and give yourself an excuse to dine in bed:

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    Banana Breakfast Sandwich

    What goes great with bananas in the morning? Toasted French bread with plenty of maple syrup, of course. Eden Passante of Sugar and Charm whipped up this hearty and oh-so-filling banana breakfast sandwich, which easily puts those usual French toasts to shame.
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    Breakfast Twice Baked Potatoes

    Potatoes and eggs are one of the most mouthwatering unions you’ll ever discover in the kitchen, which is why waking up to both is a must. For brunch, have one (or three) of these Breakfast Twice Baked Potatoes by the ladies of A Beautiful Mess. Featuring an egg in the center, along with a little sour cream, avocado, and a sprinkling of cheese, this is one gooey yet healthy dish you can easily indulge in.
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    Pancake Cupcakes

    Who says you can’t skip straight to dessert? Kara of Butter Hearts Sugar combines two of our loves for one decadent dish you can easily devour in multiples with your champagne. “These cupcakes are so super quick and easy to make,” she explains. “They turned out beautifully, light and airy just like perfect pancakes should be.”
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    Baked Eggs in Croissant ‘Nests’

    Buttery, flaky croissants are enough to make brunch tantalizing, but when transformed into a floral-inspired nest for your egg, it’s certain to be the center of attention at your next get-together (sorry, homemade mimosa). Susan of Savoring Time in the Kitchen says that she carefully drops an egg into each nest before seasoning it with salt and pepper, and then bakes it in the oven until it reaches golden perfection. Along with Dijon cream sauce for some zest, Sundays might become your new favorite day of the week.
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    Cinnamon Rolls with Churro Caramel Icing

    Forget stale cinnamon rolls. To make your brunch afternoons extra tasty, consider serving a batch of freshly baked cinnamon rolls with oozing churro caramel icing. Carrie of A Sweet Spot: Home developed this finger-licking creation and insists it’s one of the easiest morning dishes to master. We’ll happily take her word for it.
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    Bacon Breakfast Casserole

    When it comes to brunch, you can never have too much bacon — and Erin of Our Table for Seven understands this all too well. Her lip-smacking bacon breakfast casserole is so hearty you can enjoy it for dinner (brinner, anyone?). With each slice featuring eggs, crispy hash brown, and yes, more bacon, this cheesy meal is one everyone will devour instantly.
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    Rocky Road Oatmeal

    Who says oatmeal has to be bland? Jaclyn of Cooking Classy understands that making oatmeal you’ll actually crave is difficult, but with chocolate, anything is possible. Her rocky road oatmeal, however, is a rich, sinfully delicious meal packed with chocolate chips, chopped nuts and marshmallows. Oh, we also hear the oats are pretty good, too.
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    Breakfast Burger

    The beauty of brunch is feasting on a burger as the first meal of the day, because really, what doesn’t satisfy anyone’s appetite like juicy meat on a bun? Well, Gabby of Gabby’s Gluten-Free makes us think differently with a breakfast burger that’s loaded with flavor, minus the bun. Instead, expect a pound of grass-fed ground beef, sliced mushrooms, five eggs, and yes, more bacon. In her words, you’re welcome.
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    Honey Cloud Pancakes

    There’s a reason why people can’t get enough of this pretty-as-a-picture dish. Pancakes are enough to get anyone’s stomach rumbling, but these "light as a cloud" flapjacks from Things We Make has plenty of fruit with every bite, along with honey for extra sweetness. Best of all, it’s gluten-free and prepared with whipped egg whites, so indulge away.
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    Egg Pita Pizza

    Feel like having an extra-lazy weekend? Jeannette from Everybody Likes Sandwiches understands your woe, which is why she made a dish that simply requires throwing in several ingredients for drool-worthy results. Plus, who could say no to pizza in the morning? Her egg pita pizza packs mouthwatering runny eggs, crispy whole wheat pita, a touch of melty cheese and hot sauce for an added kick.
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    Caramel Apple Pancakes

    Still have plenty of apples left over in your fridge? You’re in luck because they’re a key ingredient for Handmade Charlotte’s easy as pie caramel apple pancakes, an indulgent treat made fit for the chilly months of autumn. Unlike those dull pancakes from Sunday’s past, these are overflowing with warm caramel sauce, whipped cream and one whole grated apple. A feast for the eyes and stomach? We call that a win-win situation.
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    Butternut Squash, Kale and Garlic Scape Frittata

    For those cold, dreary days when a comforting meal will warm our hearts and bellies, Sandra of Kitchen Apparel enjoys serving her butternut squash, kale and garlic scape frittata, or as we like to call it, an excuse to eat eggs any time of the day. What’s great about this dish is not only does it highlight plenty of fresh farm-to-table ingredients, but it’s one that’s simple enough to get the whole family involved in making (as well as eating) it.
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