The world's strangest beers

Your pop's old hops aren't what they used to be! From funny names, to strange flavors, to crazy marketing schemes, a recent upsurge in microbrewing has spawned many unique beers. 



    Ethel's Brew The story of an 88-year-old Williamsburg woman and her beer company took the world by storm earlier this month when some bottles were distributed to the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. The beer was marketed with a wacky, hipsteresque elderly woman claiming that since her husband died, she was going to party! Turns out, this grandma's beer turned out to be a hoax that an advertising agency used to prove they could successfully market this nonsense in two weeks.
    Ethel's Brew


    Brewdog's £500 Ale One of the world's most expensive beers is served in a chilled bottle covered with with a taxidermied squirrel. Need I say more?
    Brew Dog


    Mamma Mia! Pizza Beer Next time you're in the mood to hang out with the buds for pizza and beer, consider combining both. The Mamma Mia! company flavors your hops to taste like the familiar dough and tomato you love.
    Mamma Mia Pizza Beer


    Wells Banana Bread Beer While it's a strange combination, this brew is getting praise. Wells Banana Bread Beer is sold by a Wells and Young's, which also makes honey and chocolate-flavored beer. I guess if you drink them with dinner, you'll want to skip dessert!
    Wells and Young's Brewing Company


    Duff Beer Does this look familiar? Duff Beer, like the beer on The Simpsons, is in real mass production. So next time you're feeling like Homer, drink this--it'll be the perfect accompaniment to your doughnut.
    Duff Beer


    Kodomo No Nomimono The days of being 21-years-old to drink beer are over! This carbonated drink, available in Japan, claims to be kid and family-oriented.  See the hilarious commercial on YouTube.


    Bilk What do you get when you have a bunch of excess milk and a hunch to start a microbrewery? Bilk! The beer is one-third part milk and two-third parts beer. I wonder if it goes well with cookies.


    Lucky Dog Beer When your pooch is hankering for some hops and you feel like treating him to a cold one, try some Lucky Dog Beer. This steak-flavored brew is alcohol-free and non-carbonated. Only problem? It costs twice as much as a regular bottle of suds. Maybe Fido should stick to the rawhide.
    Pet Trimsalon Molenkamp
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