The Most Outrageous Cookie Recipes for National Cookie Day

Cookies are delicious and dunkable, and that's reason enough to eat them every day. Your son got an A on his report card? Share a bag of cookies with him. You just closed a deal on the Prospect Street Condominium? Go grab yourself a cookie. Found a cookie stuck between the cushions of your car seats? Sounds like it's cookie time. READ: 6 Everyday Tasks to Help Keep Your Home Clean So the fact that December 4th is National Cookie Day doesn't make us crave cookies any more than we already do. It does, however, give us extra incentive to be extra inventive with the cookies we plan to bake — just like the foodies who came up with the following outrageous recipes:



    Clockwise from left: Turmeric n' Spice, Adora's Box, Sally's Baking Addiction

    Soft-Baked Peanut Butter Chocolate Swirl Cookies

    Having trouble deciding between peanut butter or chocolate? Bake both in a single cookie with this "swirl" recipe from Sally at Sally's Baking Addiction. They're like tiny edible yin yangs made from butter and sugar.
    Sally's Baking Addiction

    Reese's Chocolate Potato Chip Cookies

    We enjoy Reese's cups, and we enjoy potato chips, but would we enjoy cookies with both Reese's and potato chips? Yes, says The Domestic Rebel, aka Hayley. Check out her recipe for these chewey crispy cookies here.
    The Domestic Rebel

    White Chocolate Cranberry Pretzel Cookies

    More of a pretzel person? Put down the chips and try these White Chocolate Cranberry Pretzel Cookies from Reeni at Cinnamon Spice & Everything Nice. She's a fan of this sweet and salty recipe as is, but adds that it's also good with corn flakes or other combinations of nuts, chocolate chips and dried fruit.
    Cinnamon, Spice and Everything Nice

    Oreo-Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies

    Similar cookie-within-a-cookie recipes have been popping up on the internet in the past few years (sometimes called "Inception" cookies), but Jenny at Picky Palate has the original recipe for these treasure-filled treats.
    Picky Palate

    Cinnabon Sugar Cookies

    Before Jocelyn from Inside BruCrew Life developed these Cinnabon Sugar Cookies, anybody with a craving for their signature cinnamon buns had to drive to the nearest mall or airport. Read her recipe here and save yourself a trip.
    Inside BruCrew Life

    Dark Chocolate Chunk Skillet Cookie

    Why go through the trouble of shaping individual cookies on a baking sheet? Just mix, cook and serve one humungous cookie in a cast-iron skillet with this convenient recipe from Jessica at How Sweet It Is.
    How Sweet It Is

    Cayenne Chocolate Coffee Cookies

    As Heather at Bite Club Eats says, this Cayenne Chocolate Coffee Cookie recipe packs a serious punch — not only because of its spicy cayenne pepper kick, but also because of the coffee liquor mixed into the batter.
    Bite Club Eats

    Savory Masala Cookies

    Who says cookies can't be savory? At tea time — or masala adrak chai time — Simi at Turmeric n' Spice likes to mix up a batch of Savory Masala Cookies with onion, cilantro and chili. Click here for the recipe.
    Turmeric n' Spice

    Char Siu Pork Cookies

    Anybody who's eaten dim sum can attest to the addictiveness of Char Siu Bao, or Cantonese steamed pork buns. So while this Char Siu Pork Cookie recipe from Adora at Adora's Box might sound a bit odd, it's actually a genius combination of sweet, salty, savory and satisfying flavors.
    Adora's Box

    White Chocolate Candy Corn Cookies

    What better batch to bake in October than these White Chocolate Candy Corn Cookies from Alli at Cupcake Diaries? They absolutely scream Halloween, and they taste just like it, too. Get the recipe here.
    Cupcake Diaries
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