The best kitchen gadget gifts for Mom

Mother's Day is May 13.  If you haven't yet picked up a gift for mom to show your appreciation for her years of slaving in the kitchen, there is still time.  Here are some of the coolest, state-of-the-art kitchen gadgets that are bound to make anyone happy.



    Think these X-mini capsule speakers aren't kitchen gadgets? Think again!  These speakers' small size make them a perfect fit for a kitchen counter or island. Mom can hook them up to her lap top, iPhone, or mp3 player, and enjoy some tunes as she cooks!  $19.90,


    This salad dressing mixer by Norpro is clutch for moms who like to make their own salad dressing.  The mixer allows Mom to make dressing and store in large amounts in order to enjoy over and over again.  $12,


    Sure Mom makes regular apple pies all the time, but has she ever made four different flavors of pie at the same time? With Nostalgia Electrics' PIE-400 4-pie electric bakery, baker moms can make multiple mini-pies at once and create all of the children's favorites.  $24,


    This Ultimate Citrus Tool by Microplane is a combination zester, garnish cutter, and scoring blade. Mom can use it to make cocktail garnishes, as well as grate cheese for salads or lime for key lime pie! $12.95,


    Mom would never think to get a donut maker for herself, so this one, from Sunbeam, is a perfect, unique gift come May 13! The donut maker allows Mom to make any flavor she wants, and create healthy donut options, too.  $30,


    Everyone loves paninis, but not many people have a panini maker!  With this model from Cuisinart, your mom can make the whole family happy--you can turn almost anything into a panini $78,


    Not many moms get to make their own pasta every day, so this pasta maker would be a real treat! Mom can make lasagna, tagliolini, spaghetti, and even fettucini!    $82,
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