Texas Fryers Gone Wild

The State Fair of Texas --known for putting just about anything in the deep fryer -- has been cooking up some delicious creations this year.  Check out the winners of its Big Tex Choice Awards.

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    Allan Weiss’s Fried Buffalo Chicken in a Flapjack was a Best Taste winner this year. It all started when someone suggested that he "oughta do chicken with a pancake."
    Elena Ferretti
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    Martin Palm’s desire to submit “something that would be a German style food” resulted his Hans’ Kraut Ball, which was a finalist.
    Elena Ferretti
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    Justin Martinez's Fried Bubblegum clinched the Most Creative award this year.
    Elena Ferretti
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    Tami Stiffler says her Fried Autumn Pie, which was a finalist, came to be because her husband wanted something crunchy, on a stick that you could put in coffee.
    Elena Ferretti
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    Stiffler says she makes her Fried Autumn Pie by taking whipped cream cheese with pumpkin pie filling between gingersnap cookies, dipping it in funnel cake batter, frying it, and then rolling it in a ground-gingersnap-cookie-nutmeg-cinnamon-confectioner’s-sugar mixture. 
    Elena Ferretti
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