Super Bowl-themed sweets

Super Bowl isn't just about chicken wings and pizza. America's second biggest gorge fest after Thanksgiving needs some sweet treats to keep the fans' spirits up, no matter what side they're rooting for.



    Cookies & Cream Cheese Football Dip: Cream Cheese and sinful Oreo cookies come together in the shape of a football for this sweet dip.  From the blog: Something Swanky  Recipe: Cookies & Cream Cheese Football Dip 
    Ashton Swank


    Matcha Passion 'Football' Fruit Bars: Fresh and fruity, these matcha passion fruit bars are sure to satisfy any crowd.  From the blog: Brave Tart Recipe: Matcha Passion 'Football' Fruit Bars  
    Rosco Weber


    Football Almonds:  Sweet and crunchy chocolate covered almonds are transformed into tiny footballs. Perfect by themselves or as decoration.  Recipe: Football Almonds
    Fox News
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