Recipes to celebrate Cinco de Mayo

What better way to celebrate Mexican heritage and pride than by cooking up a sampling of Mexico-inspired cuisine?



    Guacamole Gazpacho What better way to celebrate Mexico than blend two of its classic recipes. Another added bonus of this recipe, it's healthy. Avocados, this recipe’s star ingredient, are very high in vital nutrients, especially potassium. Click here for the recipe.
    Elizabeth Carrion


    Mexico Mac and Cheese You can have your Cinco de Mayo cuisine and your American soul food, too, with this Latinized version of mac and cheese, with veggies. Click here for the recipe.
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    Margarita Cheesecake Bars This recipe is a new take on a classic Mexican cocktail. These bars are the perfect way to transport your mind to warm day at the beach. Click here for the recipe.
    Lauren Lilling


    Mexican Hot Chocolate This drink is a classic winter cocktail, but you can also create a springtime version by substituting chocolate milk for hot chocolate and serving the beverage in a chilled martini glass. The rich chocolate pairs up perfectly with cinnamon and a little burn courtesy of cayenne to create a spicy Mexico-inspired mix. Click here for the recipe.


    Healthy Cinco de Mayo Tacos If you're worried about the caloric pitfalls lurking on the menu during this grease-fueled holiday, then rest assured you can eat these tacos without a hint of guilt. Click here for the recipe.
    Juan Antonio Sempere
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