Queen Elizabeth eats bananas with a fork and knife

Being a royal comes with its own set of rules. For Queen Elizabeth II, that means using proper dining etiquette to enjoy even the seemingly simplest of meals. According to Her Royal Highness’s former chef, the queen eats bananas with a knife and fork.

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Former Buckingham Palace chef Darren McGrady told all in his book “Eating Royally,” including fun facts about Queen Elizabeth’s dining habits. According to The Daily Mail, in his book, McGrady says that the British figurehead uses a knife to remove the top and bottom of the banana, and then slices the peel length-wise and eats it with a fork.

It might seem extra, but she is the Queen of England and the top and bottom of a banana is always the worst part, so it’s not that weird. Plus, it turns out it’s proper etiquette.

According to Etiquette Scholar, bananas eaten at more formal meals should be eaten with a fork. Liz is right on trend. However, their rules stipulate that the banana must be peeled completely, with the skin going on to the edge of the plate. We guess there’s always room for improvement — even from the Queen of England.

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