Outrageous wedding cakes

In recent years, the classic three-tiered tower with all the bridal fixings has taken a turn… for the crazy.

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    Bridezilla? Yes, this is a wedding cake, crafted by Connecticut-based J-Cakes. Note to the groom: Don't anger your bride…
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    Midnight in Paris This pair decided to relive their best Parisian memories — through photos and fondant by San Diego's The French Gourmet. As they cut a slice, they were talking a walk down memory lane and taking a bite out of the future.
    The French Gourmet
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    The Giving Tree Inspired by The Giving Tree, the beloved children’s book by Shel Silverstein, this is not your ordinary wedding cake — or tree stump. Outfitted with the couple’s initials carved into the bark and a replica of the bride’s bouquet, the cake, crafted by Tiffany’s Baking Company, is a nod to the couple’s occupation as elementary school teachers, and is an unexpected, but delightfully memorable, alternative to more traditional cakes.
    Tiffany’s Baking Company
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    Día De Los Muertos You wouldn’t expect to see a cake covered in flames — or topped with skeleton figures, for that matter — at a wedding. It's kind of sinister. But for one couple getting married on Día de los Muertos, in a cemetery nonetheless, this cake created by Rosebud Cakes was a fitting tribute to those who couldn’t be with them on the special day.
    Rosebud Cakes
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    Spell It Out This four-tiered cake by Pink Cake Box will spell out what’s important in its four tiers. This bride and groom, who played Scrabble with each other while the groom was stationed in Iraq, put all their tiles down on love.
    Pink Cake Box
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    His & Hers This cake from the Costa Mesa, Calif., shop Christopher Garrens illustrates the different personalities of a bride and groom (heels vs. sneakers; champagne vs. beer). We're wondering how the sides keep from toppling over.  
    Christopher Garrens
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