Mind-blowing grilled cheese sandwiches

April is National Grilled Cheese month, and America's favorite comfort sandwich of cheese between two bread slices is getting some creative make-overs.  Check out some of the mind-blowing combinations from food bloggers and chefs who have found inspiration from this auspicious month. 

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    Zillion Dollar Grilled Cheese

    Zillion Dollar Grilled Cheese For the month of April, Deca Restaurant + Bar inside the Ritz-Carlton Chicago is serving up $100 version of the comfort-food classic.  The Zillion Dollar Grilled Cheese features Spanish black Iberico ham  -- famous for its distinctive flavor due to the acorns the pigs eat --artisan sourdough bread, 40-year aged Wisconsin cheddar with 24k gold flakes, white truffle aioli, 100-year-old aged balsamic vinegar, heirloom tomatoes and foie gras. If that's not enough, it's  topped with a sunny-side-up duck egg and served with a skillet of lobster mac. 
    Ritz-Carlton Chicago
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    PB&J Grilled Cheese

    PB&J Grilled Cheese What's better than combining the two great comfort-food classics: PB&J and grilled cheese? Executive Chef Roger Waysok invented a hybrid PB&J Grilled Cheese for Chicago's South Water Kitchen’s menu. The sandwich is made up of Pear, Brie & blueberry Jam. 
    South Water Kitchen
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    Pig Out Add a little pig power to your grilled cheese sandwich with some barbecue pulled pork. OhSweetBasil has a yummy-looking, gooey version, and suggests a dipping sauce of your favorite BBQ flavor.
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    Heavenly and Healthy Going healthy doesn’t mean scrimping on taste.  HealthyMomKitchen says start with homemade multigrain bread and lots of veggies like sprouts, avocado, tomatoes and pesto. Add Monterey jack, cheddar and Colby cheese.  All good, right?  The healthy part comes in by broiling, not frying the sandwich.
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    Bread Alert This gorgeous sandwich uses mozzarella and provolone cheeses.  But key to this one, which was posted on KeepYourDietReal, is the bread.  Try a flavorful bread like garlic focaccia, but any fresh bread would work well.
    Keep Your Diet Real
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    Triple Cheese With a Kick This sandwich from WhatWe’reEating gives some serious love to jalapeno cheese bread. Stuff it with full of jarlsberg, havarti, and sharp cheddar and get a grilled cheese to die for.
    What We're Eating
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    Margherita Madness This Margherita-style cheesy goodness on FavFamilyRecipes has all the loveliness of  fresh mozzarella.  But the balsamic-tossed arugula, with a generous helping of pesto, gives its amazing flavor.  
    Fav Family Recipes
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