Infamous NYC McDonald's closes, as fans mourn 'end of an era'

The closure of the West Village hotspot is being mourned by many

It’s the end of a fast-food era in the Big Apple.

An infamous McDonald’s restaurant in New York City has closed, to the chagrin of tourists, college students and hungry locals. It’s the latest restaurant casualty of the coronavirus pandemic that’s devastated hundreds of businesses – small and large – as the Big Apple continues to ban indoor dining, allowing only for takeout and delivery options.

Fast foodies mourned the closure of a McDonald's chain in the West Village of Manhattan. 

Fast foodies mourned the closure of a McDonald's chain in the West Village of Manhattan.  (iStock)

"End of an era" a fan tweeted on Jan. 3, sharing a photo of the now-shuttered restaurant at West Third Street and Sixth Avenue, in a post that's been liked over 3,600 times. Customers from far and wide eulogized the late, great Mickey D's location, sharing memories of late-night orders and drunken escapades, Time Out New York first reported


"This just sent chills down my spine wtf that place should have survived the apocalypse," one tweeted. Despite its alleged reputation as the "scariest" and "most unpredictable" McDonald's in town, many agreed that they were sad to see it go.

"Bought a Big Mac late night at this location a few years ago and a gypsy put a curse on it in the subway station and I got horrific food poisoning," one remembered.

And a separate account alleged an incident in which a reptile was strung around a customer’s shoulder while placing an order at the fast food chain location. 

"I remember a guy walking in with a python on his shoulders, and then he placed it on mine so he can go grab his order... Good memories," another claimed


Indoor dining in New York City was capped at 25% capacity in October, before Gov. Andrew Cuomo reverted back to a ban on Dec. 14 after the COVID-19 positivity rate spiked. The closure of the beloved Golden Arches location arguably proves that even big businesses can’t withstand the financial hardships of running a foodservice establishment during a global pandemic.