Have Bobby Flay cook your Thanksgiving turkey

Ever dream of your favorite celebrity chef cooking your Thanksgiving turkey for you while you're out watching football or the parade? This year consider mail ordering your turkey. Here are some deliciously different options out there. With recipes from chefs like Bobby Flay and Tom Colicchio, your guests will think you were in the kitchen all day.

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    Bobby Flay's Turkey

    "The Bird" by Bobby Flay Here's a chance to taste Thanksgiving at Bobby Flay’s house. The OpenSky Thanksgiving Bundle comes with a Robinson's Prime Reserve Turkey and his signature turkey Rub; a simple, salt-based ancho chile, coriander and dried sage rub that he created only for OpenSky members. This is a must have for fans of Flay’s signature spicy food. Prices start at $89.
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    Andrew Zimmern's Turducken

    Andrew Zimmern's Turducken Andrew Zimmern presents a Turducken. Yes, you heard that right- a spicy stuffed chicken inside a duck inside a turkey.  The stuffing is made out of cornbread dressing and mouth-watering Cajun-style pork sausage. This is 15 pounds of birds and it can be yours this Thanksgiving for $130. 
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    Willie Bird

    Willie Bird Fresh Free-Range Organic Turkey William-Sonoma brings you a fresh free range turkey straight from Sonoma County, California. They're shipped fresh, so you'll have to spend sometime in the kitchen.  But the turkeys are raised on organic grains and free of artificial pesticides and chemicals, so it's worth it. The birds range from 12-26 pounds and prices start at $85. Make sure you order by November 16.
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    Thanksgiving for Two

    Omaha Steaks' Turkey and Trimmings For newlyweds, empty nesters, or for people looking for a small quiet thanksgiving Omaha Steaks has the perfect Thanksgiving for two. It features Oven Roasted Turkey Breast, Green Bean Casserole, Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes, and Whipped Sweet Potatoes. Now, that's really zero time in the kitchen. On sale now for $44.99.
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    Tom Colicchio's Thanksgiving Collection

    Tom Colicchio's Thanksgiving Collection  Even if you're a novice cook, you'll be a winner with your "Top Chef" judges at the Thanksgiving table with Tom Colicchio's kit. This includes his favorite farm fresh birds from Fossil Farms and his Turkey 101 Kit that contains cooking twine, an innovative baster with interchangeable heads and natural, ultra fine cheesecloth. It also includes a Mauviel Stainless Steel Roasting Pan for your turkey and an Opinel Carving Knife & Fork Set. Members will also receive Tom’s recipe for Herbed Butter Turkey via email with the purchase of his turkey. Kit $29; Roasting pan $149; Carving knife and fork set $70.
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    Nodine's Turkey

    Nodine's Whole Smoked Turkey A smoky, slow-cooked turkey seems to be all the rage this year. So, why not let a company who has been smoking for over 40 years do it for you? The turkeys are shipped frozen and range from 9-11 pounds. Price: $79.97.
    Nodine's Smokehouse
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    Greenberg Smoked Turkey

    Greenberg Smoked Turkey Even Oprah loves this bird. The flavors of East Texas developed by using the same technique Sam Greenberg's grandfather taught his father 70 years ago can be delivered to your door this holiday season. Birds range from 6-15 pounds and are shipped fully cooked, ready to serve. Prices start at $30.80 for 6 pounds.
    Greenberg Smoked Turkey
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    Nueske's Turkey

    Nueske's Turkey Want a Wisconsin smoked turkey? Then there's no other place to go than Nueske's--which is world famous for their bacon and other meat products. The turkeys are smoked gently for 24 hours over glowing embers of sweet Wisconsin Applewood. Sizes range from 7-12 pounds and prices start at $49.95.
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