Great or gross: Wacky food creations

From edible gold to over-the-top burgers, chefs and at home cooks are constantly coming up with crazy creations you've just got to see to believe. 


    McDonald's testing snow crab sandwich

    Here’s something that might make fish lovers a little crabby. McDonald's just introduced a new snow crab salad sandwich at four San Francisco Bay Area locations. The new dish features crab meat mixed with celery and seasoned mayo on romaine lettuce and tomato, on a sourdough bun. On the East Coast, McDonald's offers a seasonal lobster salad sandwich. If all goes well, the crab sandwich could be available in about 250 stores later this year.

    Bagel Nook's Flamin' Hot Cheetos and Doritos bagels

    Yes, the time has come for the bagel and snack chip combo.The Freehold, N.J. Bagel Nook (known for its Oreo bagel) recommends trying their new Flamin' Hot Cheetos bagel with Cool Ranch cream cheese, Ghost Chili Pepper cream cheese (if you really want to bring the heat), or bacon flavored cream cheese... because everything's better with bacon!
    Bagel Nook

    Pizza Hut's craft beer-infused pie

    Pizza and beer is a classic combination but would you actually dip your pie in beer? Pizza Hut U.K. is betting on it. The company has just launched two new pizzas with craft beer-infused pizza dough. There are two flavors-- Steak Feast– topped with a three-cheese blend, shaved steak, mushrooms, caramelised onions and a spring onion garnish served on a beer BBQ sauce; and the vegetarian American Hot topped with three-cheeses, sweetcorn, mushrooms, caramelised onions, jalapenos and a spring onion garnish served on a beer BBQ sauce. The pizzas are being rolled out for one day only on May 20.
    Pizza Hut UK

    $150 donut infused with Patron

    This decadent creation is part dessert, part cocktail-- and 100 percent delicious. Nicknamed the "Patronut," this creation from Executive Chef and Creator Bjorn DelaCruz at Manila Social Club features a creamy spicy ginger-jalapeño margarita jelly and infused with real rose petals. The chef uses a full bottle of premium tequila that goes for $200 in every dozen donuts. For a show stopping finish, the whole thing is covered in a sweet tequila frosting and finally topped off with sheets of edible silver and platinum leaf. It's $150 per treat but the money is going to a great cause-- all proceeds for the Patronut will go to the American Cancer Society. 
    Tim Williams Photograhy/Manila Social Club

    Carrot Cake Hershey’s Kiss

    After weeks of speculation, Hershey Kisses are now available nationwide for the Easter season, sold exclusively at Walmart. The seasonal Kisses are a creamy orange color and taste, well, like carrot cake.  Hershey says just as the taste of Valentine's Day are red velvet cake, so should carrot cake be the taste of Easter.  Not so, say purists, who reject the idea that Americans to associate Carrot Cake Kisses with spring the way pumpkin spice lattes have become associated with fall. 

    Break me off a piece of that 24 karat gold Kit Kat bar.

    Nestle Japan has released a special edition gilded Kit Kat bar. The single finger bars are wrapped in 24 karat gold foil—which, in its purest form, is actually edible. Only 500 bars will be manufactured and sold in Japan's luxury department stores for 2,016 yen—about $16. Nestle Japan is known for producing wacky, non-chocolate Kit Kat flavors including strawberry, green tea and even wasabi.
    Nestle Japan

    KFC China unveils pink chicken burger

    After the black burger craze, it looks like fast food companies may taking a lighter approach. KFC China just unveiled a duo of chicken sandwiches: a black diamond bacon spicy chicken leg burger and a rose cheese roasted chicken leg burger. We're not sure what a rose-flavored burger tastes like-- and neither are some of the confused tasters in China. The chicken chain is reportedly experimenting with new items after facing declining sales in the country. 
    KFC China

    The Chizza from KFC Philippines

    Move over Napoli Crispy Pizza Chicken from KFC Hong Kong. The Chizza from KFC Philippines has taken the world by storm. This chicken-pizza mashup is meant to be eaten more like a personal pan pizza and features a large, flattened chicken breast topped with traditional pizza ingredients like cheese, pepperoni, peppers, pineapple and more. Yes, it looks ridiculous but of course we can't wait 'til they bring it to the U.S.
    YouTube/KFC PH

    Two fast foods in one: Pizza-chicken wing hybrid

    Mashup madness continues with the latest fast food revelation from KFC Hong Kong. Who would have thought that pizza and a chicken wing could be combined? This unique creation features crispy fried chicken topped with marinara sauce, oregano and gooey melted cheese. We can feel our arteries clogging up already but this cheesy chicken special is reminiscent of Domino's specialty chicken in the U.S.
    KFC Hong Kong

    Deep fried Big Mac

    McDonald's gets a deep-fried makeover with artery clogging recipe from Peep My Eats. All you need is a Big Mac, panko bread crumbs, eggs and a toothpick to hold it all together. 

    Pizza Hut’s hot dog stuffed coming soon?

    Americans love hot dogs. But sadly unlike other countries such as in the U.K., Canada and Australia, the U.S. has been deprived of Pizza Hut’s hot dog stuffed crust since 2012. But all that will likely change June 18. The Impulsive Buy spotted a promotional flyer that all but confirmed a hot dog stuffed crust pizza would be arriving stateside later this month. Either that, or it’s a pizza topped with ketchup and mustard.
    Pizza Hut UK

    Meat Pie Stuffed Crust Pizza

    Is it a pizza or a pie? Now true meatlovers don't have to decide with Pizza Hut Australia's latest extreme release: the Four’N Twenty-stuffed pie crust. Four'N Twenty is a popular meat pie restaurant down under so the new pizza-pie is a true fast food collaboration. The pizza itself can be topped with any of your favorite toppings-- pepperoni, olives, mushrooms, sausage, etc. Then each slice contains a flaky meat pie stuffed with gravy and mincemeat baked into the crust with a traditional tomato sauce “squeezie," which looks like a dollop of ketchup to us. 
    Pizza Hut Australia

    Lobster-Donut Roll from Kane's

    Some food mashups are extreme but we still imagine they taste pretty good. Lobster salad and donuts don’t really fit into that category. But for Massachusetts based bakery Kane’s Handcrafted Donuts, the combo is now available. The Lobster Dowich—traditional lobster salad served on a brioche-based donut instead of bread-- is the latest twist on a classic New England seafood roll. The Dowich is also available with braised beef or chicken—but lobster is the go-to Boston-area favorite. According to Forbes, it actually tastes pretty good.
    Kane's Handcrafted Donuts

    Most American burger monstrosity

    Can't decide between the burger or the hot dog? Now you can chow down on the entire summer cookout in one beastly bite. Carl's Jr and Hardees are debuting The Most American Thickburger-- a beef patty topped with a split hot dog. The meaty duo sits on a layer of kettle cooked Lay's potato chips-- to prevent them from getting soggy-- between hamburger buns loaded with ketchup, mustard, tomato, red onion, pickles and American cheese. The burger will have 1,030 calories and 64 grams of fat.
    AP Photo/CKE Restaurants

    Oh Bite It

    There may be no finer combination --a perfectly sweet and salty mix.  While bacon has been  known to appear on or in just about everything known to mankind, we haven't seen it wrapped around America's favorite cookie. This recipe comes from the blog Oh Bite It where bacon is wrapped using toothpicks and popped in the deep fryer. Pretty. darn. good.  

    Carl's Jr. Pepperoni Pizza Fries

    Never again will famished snackers have to decide between pizza or french fries. Carl's Jr. says why not have both? The latest mash-up to hit fast counters is a creation the chain is calling "Pepperoni Pizza Fries." And yes, they are very real. Right now they're only being tested at a dozen locations in Southern California but the recipe seems simple enough to recreate at home. French fries are topped with marinara sauce, melted mozzarella cheese and a few slices of pepperoni pizza. These souped cheesy fries retail for $2.39. 
    Carl's Jr.

    Is this an edible bar of gold?

    This 24 Carrot-- not karats, sadly-- is the work of YouTuber Instructables. A hyper realistic confection that's almost too pretty to eat, this decadent cake looks just like a real bar of gold. On first glance, one might think it belongs in a bank, not on the dinner table. 
    YouTube/ Instructables

    $49,000 chocolate Easter bunny with diamond eyes

    If you're looking for the perfect Easter sweet to wow the family on Sunday, check out luxury site VeryFirstTo's five-figure rabbit. This11-pound confection has been hand carved by award winning chocolatier & international pastry consultant Martin Chiffers-- with 1.70ct Round Brilliant cut eyes. Standing just over a foot tall, this bunny contains a whopping 548,000 calories of pure 75 percent Tanzania Origin chocolate-- so we recommend enjoying with a few of your closest friends. Who gets the diamonds is up to you. 

    Bacon Cotton Candy coming to the Texas Rangers

    Delaware North-- a food service group that caters to many sports venues-- has a concoction that has us scratching our heads. Bacon Cotton Candy will be sold at the Texas Rangers' Globe Life Park in Arlington, Texas. This spring the stadium will have its very own "Just Bacon" concession stand, so it won't be hard to find this among other treats like bacon loaded quesadillas and more. A bag of bacon cotton candy retails for just $7.50. 
    Courtesy of Delaware North

    Girl Scouts Cookie flavored beer

    Did the Girl Scouts just enter the craft beer market? Obviously not, but San Francisco-based Woods Beer Co. is back this year with new releases of its popular cookie-inspired brews. This year, the brewers are even offering real world merit badge patches for adult activities like "Composting," "Pickling," "Wine Swirling," and "Burrito Consumption." Flavors include Samoa-inspired "Samoale" and "Brew-Ski-Do," a peanut butter and chocolate infusion. A sample pack goes for $50. 
    Woods Beer Co.

    Krispy Kreme Donut Dog

    Sure we've all heard of a donut burger but what about a donut dog? This new culinary delight is so original it doesn't even have a name-- yet. The Wilmington Blue Rocks are hosting a naming contest for this ballpark creation:  a hot dog covered with raspberry jam and bacon served on a Krispy Kreme donut bun. The winner will receive true glory and four tickets to the opening game. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal to us.
    Wilmington Blue Rocks

    Taco Bells Cap'n Crunch Delights

    Part donut, part cereal— all sugar. Cap’n Crunch Delights are the taco chain’s version of dessert, or is it breakfast? These colorful little donut holes are made out of a cereal flavored dough, dusted with real Cap’n Crunch pieces after a trip to the deep-dryer and filled with a milk flavored icing. Right now, you'll have to make the trek to Bakersfield, California to get a taste. 
    Taco Bell

    $50 Bloody Mary with a whole fried chicken.

    Everything but the kitchen sink takes on a new meaning in this extreme Bloody Mary from Milwaukee's Sobelman’s Pub 'N Grill. The “Chicken Fried” Blood Mary has cheese, sausage, pickle, olive, onion, mushroom, asparagus, scallion, shrimp, lemon, Brussels sprouts, tomato, celery, two Baconadoes-  the restaurant’s custom skewers of bacon-wrapped jalapeno cheeseballs-- all topped off with an entire fried chicken. We're not sure anyone has been able to take one of these down all by themselves but let's just hope Sobelman's donates any leftovers. 
    Sobelman's Pub 'N Grill

    Most expensive chicken wings ever?

    At $4,900 for a dozen Louis XII Cognac-infused cream sauce-smothered, caviar and white truffle-coated wings, this platter may have been a real steal. Originally dreamed up for the Super Bowl, the Old Homestead House spared no expensive for this over-the-top treat. In addition to chicken, meat lovers could chow down on the $400-a-pound imported Japanese Kobe beef filet mignon wing—served on the bone. 
    The Old Homestead Steakhouse

    Is Apple really making iMilk?

    Unfortunately, not but they would certainly have some pretty sleek packaging. Artist Peddy Mergui has imagined what it would be like if some of the world's most recognizable luxury brands sold everyday grocery store items. From Yogurt by Tiffany, to Eggs by Versace, these upscale treats challenge consumer perceptions of item value and force us to wonder why we pay so much for certain things. 
    Peddy Mergui

    A cozy volcano campfire

    It's a question that's plagued campers for decades. How do you get the perfectly, roasted toasty marshmallows for s'mores? For one daredevil New Zealander, the answer was simple: Find the nearest volcano and let the molten lava and flames do the work. Extreme? Definitely. Insane? Possibly. But volcano expert Simon Turner told others it was the best marshmallow he had ever made. 

    $400 White Castle slider

    How do you take a 70 cent burger and turn it into a meal most people could never afford? Nick Chipman of started by topping a plain slider with two types of cheese, Pleasant Ridge Reserve-- which retails for $25 a pound, and Hook’s 15 Year Cheddar, which goes for a whopping $80 a pound. Then he added several slivers of raw white Italian truffles, slices of prosciutto, a slice of duck foie gras, smear of port wine pate, a healthy heaping of Russian caviar and a delicately fried quail egg. He topped off his creation 24K gold flakes for a little sparkle. Unfortunately for Chipman's mouth--and wallet-- his extreme creation was "way too salty" and didn't taste very good. 
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