Facebook foodie gift guide

Whether it’s a birthday, Christmas, a graduation, or just another Wednesday Facebook Gifts has the perfect present for the foodie in your life.

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    Coffee of the Month Club:  From Specialty Coffee Roasters - $23 For the caffeine addict we highly recommend the coffee of the month club. Each month they will receive two different types of coffee from specialty coffee brands around the world. They will soon become the coffee expert in your life.
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    Automatic Wine Opener:  From Brookstone - $40 Open every bottle of wine with one simple touch and no broken cork floating in your glass. This automatic wine opener wrapped under the tree is sure to excite any wino.
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    Beer Making Kit:  For the Beginning Brewmaster - $60 The at home micro brewery is becoming a huge trend at the moment. Help your beer lover a achieve “hopsy” greatness by placing this under the tree.
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    Signature Sprinkle Ice Cream:  Famous Bakery Turned Creamery - $40 Give the gift of gourmet ice cream with help from the people who made cupcakes popular. Get your foodie slow churned cherry vanilla, red velvet, cap ‘n’ crunch, and salty caramel this holiday season.  
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    Slate Cheese Board:  Brooklyn Slate Co. - $29 A family owned quarry in upstate New York created this awesome cheese board that comes complete with soapstone chalk to label your fancy cheeses. It’s a classy yet rustic piece perfect for any holiday party.
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    Mrs. Fields Classic Cookie Tin:  Classic Bite-Sized Cookies - $30 A tin full of 24 bite-sized cookies in a variety of sweet and sinful flavors will taste great with that Christmas hot chocolate.  Flavors include: semi-sweet chocolate, cinnamon sugar, oatmeal raisin with nuts, peanut butter, triple chocolate chip, and white chocolate with macadamia nuts.
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    Peanut Butter of the Month Club:  All-Natural Boutique Flavors - $20 If you have a friend who owns a lot of jelly then we have the perfect gift for them. The peanut butter of the month club brings two unique and gourmet samples to your door each month.
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