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  • Deep-fried delicacies from the Wisconsin State Fair
  • The
  • Chicken on a stick is available in both regular and Frosted Flake-crusted varieties.
  • The Bird Dog: It's like a hot dog, only crispier, chicken-fried and slathered in sauce.
  • The S'mores Pizza comes covered in chocolate and powdered sugar.
  • The Unicorn is filled with cotton-candy creme and topped with edible glitter.
  • Deep fried olives are available on a stick, for mess-free (yet still greasy) experience.
  • The same deep-fried olive vendor offers deep-fried fruit, if you're not in such a savory mood.
  • A Snickers bar gets the deep-fry treatment at the Wisconsin State Fair.
  • Fried cheese curds, a popular Midwestern snack, mingles with fried chunks of Spam.