Crazy food vending machines

While chips, candy and soda fill most vending machines you'll come across, these bizarre vending machines will make you do a double take and rethink what you thought you knew about coin-operated snack dispensers.



    Live crabs, China If you thought vending machines were created to make snacking easier, think again. At this vending machine in Shanghai you are served a live crab. Simply stick some cash in and out crawls lunch, you just have to kill it first.


    Pizza, Italy  Leave it to Italy to create a vending machine that serves hot pizza in two-and-a-half minutes. Let's, Pizza company in Italy makes ordering take-out look like work.
    Let’s, Pizza


    Wine, Pennsylvania Pennsylvania has some of the toughest liquor laws in the country, but  they have these cool wine vending machines. The "kiosks" are being tested in two grocery stores and may make an appearance in as many as 100 others around the state if they're a success. You need to swipe your driver's license, and after the machine snaps of picture of you and you blow into a breath sensor, you can purchase wine from the machines.


    Lobster, Maine If you're going to use this vending machine, bring your wallet and a lot of luck. The Maine Lobster Game lets customers catch their own crustaceans. For $3 you get only 15 seconds to try to snag a lobster from its tank and take it home for dinner.
    The Maine Lobster Game


    Eggs, California and Japan Mixing eggs and vending machines seems like a terrible, if not impossible idea. But against all the odds of eggs cracking and rotting, in California and Japan you can get fresh eggs from vending machines, Travel + Leisure reported.
    OvOMach egg vending machine


    Cupcakes, Beverly Hills The Beverly Hills bakery Sprinkles now offers 24 hour-a-day access to fresh cupcakes through their own cupcake "ATM." Customers can pay $4 for the cupcake Katie Holmes says makes her "start salivating."
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