Clever eco-friendly coffee designs

Can't start your day without a cup of coffee --but want to add a little green to your morning ritual?  From cups, to makers, to what do with the leftover grounds, we found some eco-friendly ways to have your cup of coffee, and in some cases eat it too.



    Edible Coffee Cup If you think this looks good enough to eat, good news.  It is.  The Cookie Cup was designed by Venezuelan designer Enrique Luis Sardi for the Italian coffee company Lavazza. The cup has a cookie outside and a special sugar icing on the inside to keep the contents from leaking. 


    Clever Cookie The special insulating icing also acts as a built-in sweetener --so you don't have to worry about sugar packets.  And best of all you get to eat the cup after you're done with the coffee.  Best lap up each bite.


    McDonald’s Goes Hip  McDonald's wanted to find a more eco-friendly way to serve its coffee. The Tasse is a ceramic cup wrapped in an insulating foam sleeve.  It keeps coffee hot, and prevents customers from burning themselves, especially if you were to say, wedge it between your legs while driving. To get customers to switch from disposable cups, McDonald's says it will give away 5 million of the ceramic kind.  Too bad they’re only available in France.  


    Disposable French Press The Grower's Cup is something between a filter drip maker and a French press and is completely disposable.  The design is simple: a waterproof polyethylene-coated paper bag that comes with 25 grams of ground coffee inside –enough for one cup.  It even comes with different flavors.  Just pour in hot water and out comes the coffee through the other side.  You can find it only in parts of Europe for about $4.  
    Grower's Cup


    Coffree Even the name is clever.  Coffree, a foldable disposable cup, looks something like a tea bag but has a coffee mix sealed inside. Simply tear the seal off, fold up the package, pour in some water and your coffee is ready.
    Yanko Design


    Compleatly Lidless  Try to avoid Styrofoam cups only to slap on a lid that takes years to break down in a garbage heap?  Now you can grab the Compleat --an all-paper disposable cup that folds closed like a takeout container and forms a sipping spout. The designer is still trying to take his idea to the marketplace, so you won't find it in stores --yet. 


    Brew Cycle  The more you drink, the more machines can be made. That's the idea behind Nespresso’s new Pixie coffee maker.  According to Nespresso, 98 percent of the machine is made from recycled aluminum coffee capsules.  After you use your capsules, just drop them off at a Nespresso’s store so that they may be used to make another machine.  You can get this crafty machine on Amazon for $215. 


    Great Grinds Don't just ditch your old grounds.  Why not put them to good use? RITI Coffee printer takes your used grounds into ink for your printer. A winner of the 2009 Greener Gadgets Design Competition, designer Jeon Hwan Ju's printer isn't available for sale yet.  But just think of how much money you can save if it where.  
    Greener Gadgets Design Competition
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