Childhood drinks made better with tequila

You know that tequila goes well with mixers like orange juice and grenadine, but have you tried these combinations? In honor of National Tequila Day –which is July 24, here are some for-adults-only spins on childhood favorites.



    Limeade Maybe you didn’t actually drink limeade as a kid, but as an adult you are probably aware that this tangy lemonade-alternative pairs especially well with tequila (have you ever made a margarita using frozen limeade concentrate? Delicious.) Adult Beverage Company has a pour-and-serve limeade (aptly named Adult Limeade) that uses blue agave Reposado tequila. Adult Beverage Company also offers an adult chocolate milk blend but this, thankfully, uses vodka.
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    SunnyDelight How long has it been since you had a SunnyD? Believe it or not, this fruity, vitamin-filled drink can be combined with tequila and a few other ingredients to make a cocktail called the Agave Suave.  The recipe on Drinks Mixer calls for orange SunnyD, Pernod licorice liqueur, gold tequila, pineapple juice and orgeat syrup.   If you are feeling particularly adventurous or nostalgic, you can try mixing tequila with Tang or Capri Sun.     


    Gatorade You usually need Gatorade to rehydrate after too many margaritas, so it may seem counterintuitive to combine the two. However, Mission Margarita has an easy recipe that uses the sports drink as the base for a margarita on the rocks. Mix Gatorade and tequila with a splash of triple sec and some ice and then stir. You won’t reap the same hydrating benefits that you do when drinking straight Gatorade, but you may feel better about yourself.


    Strawberry Milkshake What could be better than a strawberry milkshake? How about one with Tequila Rose Strawberry Cream Liqueur. Tequila Rose’s Facebook page and website are both full of fun ways to drink the liqueur, and among them is this grown-ups-only strawberry milkshake. Crush ice in a blender and then add four tablespoons of Tequila Rose, two scoops of vanilla ice cream and one and one-quarter cups of milk. Pour into two tall glasses, and top with whipped cream and chocolate shavings.
    Tequila Rose


    Pink lemonade Pink lemonade definitely makes for a pretty cocktail. This summertime favorite has made its way from the front-yard stand to the bar. Use it in a margarita or simply as a mixer for tequila.
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