Celebrity wines: what's in the bottle

We got together a group of friends --some in the wine business, some not -- to give the wines a taste.  We selected four for a closer look.  Here's how they rated.

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    Francis Ford Coppola’s Director’s Cut 2009 Dry Creek Valley Zinfandel  Price:$24 “Coppola’s wines are great in the market, they are recognizable,” says New York Vintners sommelier, Dylan York. “They are fine and expensive, but just not interesting for the a more serious wine drinker who wants to expand their palate.” “It’s velvety and easy to drink. I like it. Nothing offensive or hard to swallow,” says financial analyst Michael Holcomb. Verdict: Drinkable, but over-priced for what it is.  
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    Dan Aykroyd Wines cabernet sauvignon 2007  Price: $15:  “Not a lot of character or complexity, and very acidic,” says journalist, Sue Rozdeba.  “His wine is as good as his movies,” says director/writer Josh Solomon. “They’re watchable and this is drinkable.” Verdict: Not great. Hard to finish.
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    The Jets Uncorked cabernet sauvagnon 2008  Price: $20 “I’d chug it from the bottle at the game to avoid tasting it,” says Solomon. Verdict: Hard to drink a team’s wine you aren’t rooting for.
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    Pursued by bear,  Columbia Valley cabernet sauvignon 2008  Price: $65 “Well-balanced and understated,” says editor Victoria Gomelsky.  “Mineral-y and beautifully complex. It’s precious,” says producer, Sarah Namias. Verdict: Unanimously loved.
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