Celebrate National Martini Day With 8 Twists on the Classic Cocktail

James Bond preferred them shaken, not stirred. RECIPE: Max Brenner's Chocolate Martini Queen Elizabeth II likes hers with lemon. And WC Fields reportedly drank at least two a day -- and that was before breakfast. It's National Martini Day. And what better way to celebrate than by mixing up a cocktail that takes a decidedly new twist on the traditional gin 'tini? READ: 10 Spirited Southern Cocktails To make Right Now Purists will argue that if it's not made with gin and vermouth, it isn't a martini at all. But mixologists have been offering up playful takes on the classic cocktail for years. And whether you take yours dirty or dry, with cocktail onions or a twist, we say bottoms up on this auspicious holiday. 

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    From bottom left clock-wise: Garnish with Lemon, Family Fresh Cooking, Averie Cooks, Suburble
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    Creamy Nutella Martini

    Since Nutella became a thing, people have been searching for ways to change up ordinary recipes by incorporating the hazelnut spread. Blogger Averie Sunshine came up with a drinkable (alcohol-based) version that blends Nutella with Irish Cream and Frangelico. READ: 10 Recipes With Nutella
    Averie Cooks
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    Watermelon Lime Martini

    Bloggers Kevin and Dani of TheAdventureBite.com perfected a simple version of the watermelon martini: Just four ingredients and you're on your way to summer bliss. Click here for the recipe.
    The Adventure Bite
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    Peppermint Martini

    Who says peppermint is just for the holiday season? Food photographer and blogger Jonathan Gayman definitely would check the "disagree" box. Try these vodka-based, peppermint infused martinis if you don't believe him. And if you're really feeling it, top with a home-made marshmallow (store bought work equally fine).
    Jonathan Gayman Photography
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    Pink Flamingo Martini

    Pink makes us think of soft sweet summer nights. Marla Meredith from Family Fresh Cooking puts a beachy spin on pink graperfruit juice and rum with her Pink Flamingo. Even if you're stuck in the city, it's guaranteed to transport you to sandy shores.
    Family Fresh Cooking
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    Pina Colada-Tini

    Who needs a thick, overly sweet drink to bust out the paper umbrellas? Blogger Judy at I'm Bored Let's Go whips up a rum and pineapple juice concoction that'll keep you from reaching for the blender ever again.
    I'm Bored, Let's Go
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    Sweet Tart Martini

    No, there are no Sweet Tarts in it. Yes, it tastes exactly like that candy you ate as a kid. Blogger Tara from Suburble, perhaps inspired by her own little ones, takes a trio of alcoholic treats and blends them for liquid (adult) candy.
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    Peach Cobbler Martini

    Enjoy all of the pleasure of a hearty helping of peach cobbler pie in a sleeker and lighter martini. Amber from Slim Pickin's Kitchen suggest the addition of whipped cream, vodka and graham crackers on the rim to get an even more authentic liquid cobbler-in-a-martini-glass.
    Slim Pickins' Kitchen
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    S'mores Martini

    What's better than melty chocolate, toasted marshmallows and graham crackers? Angie McGowan from Doughmesstic ups the ante with vodka, creme de cacao and Irish Cream. We recommend sipping these on the deck rather than risking wandering around in the woods after one or two of these.
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