Around the World: 5 Delicious New Ways to Eat Hummus

A lot of us chicks are crazy about chick peas. When we discovered new, innovative ways to eat hummus — with meatloaf, falafels, meatballs, and waffles — we knew it was something special that we had to share. Executive Chef Efraim Naon of Barbounia restaurant in New York City showed us delicious and creative ways to incorporate hummus into our favorite foods. By pairing “exotic and familiar flavors from around the world,” Chef Efraim Naon created a new, chic stage for the chick pea.




    The American

    Rarely would we think of pairing meatloaf with hummus, but this dynamic duo is an incredible twist on an American favorite. Try adding hummus to your leftover meatloaf to transform it into a whole new meal.

    The Israeli

    Whether you're a vegetarian or just a chick pea enthusiast, you know that mixing hummus with falafel makes for an unforgettable meal. Try Chef Efraim's special twist on the dish by topping the plate with a drizzle of mushroom stew.

    The Mexican

    If you’re hardcore about hummus, incorporate chick peas into your next Mexican meal. Hummus mixed with black beans, pico de gallo and fried avocado will create unforeseen flavors, sending your taste buds straight to Mexico.

    The Italian

    For an easy Mediterranean-Italian dish, float your meatballs in an ocean of hummus.

    Cloud Nine

    If you love chocolate and hummus, you're going to love chocolate hummus. Add waffles to this sensational creation and you'll be floating on cloud nine.
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