9 Lasagnas You Need to Know About Now

It's quick to prepare. It's meaty cheesy goodness. RECIPE: Super Simple, Low-Cal Lasagna Rolls But face it, that tired old lasagna recipe incorporating ground beef, noodles, cheese and tomato sauce -- it's gotten a little boring. To spice things up, we've compiled nine of the best recipes out there. Buon appetito!

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    The Ultimate Gluten-Free Lasagna

    For a gluten-free lasagna that's as close to the real thing as possible, Lissa at Keep It Simple, Keep It Fresh works with gluten-free noodles, fresh basil, and a tomato sauce made from scratch. Click here for the recipe.
    Keep it Simple, Keep it Fresh
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    Spicy Tortilla Lasagna

    Lasagna gets a spicy makeover with Tracey's tortilla lasagna recipe from The Kitchen Is My Playground. It's loaded with veggies, cheese and meat like a traditional lasagna, but there's salsa, chili powder and corn tortillas standing in for the sauce, oregano and pasta.
    The Kitchen Is My Playground
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    Campfire Lasagna

    Not only is this lasagna delicious, but it's camper-friendly, too. Mary at Chasing Some Blue Sky browns her meat in the same cast iron skillet she uses to construct her lasagna, and she builds it with wonton wrappers in place of pre-cooked noodles. Get the recipe here.
    Chasing Some Blue Sky
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    Pesto Artichoke Lasagna Rolls

    Who says lasagna has to be layered? Kita at Pass the Sushi likes to roll sheets of boiled lasagna around her favorite fillings (in this case, sausage, artichokes, pesto and ricotta) before arranging them in a prepared pan or individual gratin dishes for baking. Click here to check out the recipe.
    Pass The Sushi
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    Matzah Lasagna

    Danya at Matkonation shares two recipes for matzah lasagna: both a ragu version, with beef, carrots and San Marzano tomatoes; and a dairy version, with leeks, spinach and cheese. Each is perfectly suitable for Passover (when pasta isn't allowed), but they're just as delicious any time of year — especially in July.
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    Zucchini Lasagna

    We like to imagine that Gina at Skinnytaste took one look at a traditional lasagna and said something like, "What do we need those noodles for?" She makes her lasagna recipe with thin, flat slices of zucchini instead, resulting in a low carb, naturally gluten-free meal.
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    Buffalo Chicken Lasagna

    Being a registered dietitian, Nicole admits that "buffalo-wing anything probably isn’t topping any charts with regards to healthfulness." But this buffalo chicken lasagna recipe is such a hit with Nicole's husband that she had to include it on her blog, Prevention RD.
    Prevention RD
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    Lasagna Cupcakes

    Look at these things! Are they mini lasagnas? Are they cupcakes? We don't know! (Well, we do, actually. They're mini lasagnas.) In any case, they're awfully cute. Stef at Cupcake Project even suggests two ways to prepare them: one with a reinforced wall of noodles lining the cupcake, and one without. Learn about both recipes here.
    J. Pollack Photography
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    Cinnamon Toast Crunch Dessert Lasagna

    We can thank Stephanie at Girl Versus Dough for this no-bake dessert "lasagna" featuring alternating layers of breakfast cereal, Nutella, peanut butter and whipped topping. Head over to Tablespoon for the recipe, and check out more of Stephanie's delicious creations at Girl Versus Dough.
    Girl Versus Dough
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