8 Sinfully Delicious Chicken Wing Recipes For Super Bowl Weekend

Pigskins will be flying this weekend, but we’re just as excited for chicken these days. WATCH: 10 of the Strangest Super Bowl Spots You'll Be Seeing This Year But not just any piece of the bird will do. We’re talking about wings, the must-have game-day grub that any true fan needs to kick off Super Bowl Sunday. Sure, you can deep-fry some frozen wings, slather them in ranch dressing and call it a day, but why settle when you can savor some seriously delicious Super Bowl wings? Think fiery chipotle, luscious honey, bubbly Coca Cola, or even a classic (homemade) buffalo. What we're saying is, you too can score a major touchdown by whipping up a medley of wings for your guests (or just yourself). READ: Man With Only Known Copy of First Super Bowl Can't Do a Thing With It For winning game-day grub that will please guests and satisfy your appetite, check out the following flavorful chicken recipes you'll want to try this weekend — or really any night, for that matter. And yes, even bacon cheddar wings are included. (You’re welcome.)

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    Crispy Lemon Chicken Wings If you’re trying to watch your waistline this weekend, but don’t want to compromise on flavor, consider whipping up wonderfully zesty crispy lemon chicken wings from Sara at Dinner at the Zoo. Her wings are baked, but feature the same mouthwatering crispiness every good wing should have. They also feature a tantalizing rosemary, honey and lemon brine, making them a yummy choice for an appetizer, or even a dinner. Best of all? You won't feel too guilty indulging during the game.
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    Coca-Cola Bourbon Chicken Wings You don’t need to wait until BBQ season just to savor some saucy, finger-licking grub. The sweetness of soda pop is combined with the smoothness of whiskey in these sticky, savory and downright delicious Coca-Cola bourbon chicken wings from Jennifer of Kirbie’s Cravings. These wings can be grilled or baked in the oven until super crispy and succulent, and then they're coated in a luscious glaze that you and your guests won’t be able to resist.
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    Baked Parmesan Garlic Chicken Wings When a dish is described as “killer” and “lip-smacking good,” you know it’s going to be tasty — and Bee from Rasa Malaysia delivers just that with her drool-worthy baked parmesan garlic chicken wings. This dish is perfectly juicy, bursting with fresh spices, and topped with loads of parmesan cheese for a punch of flavor. Pair these wings with your beer of choice, and your pesky appetite will stay satisfied throughout the entire game.
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    Bacon Cheddar Buffalo Wings Let’s get one thing straight: Bacon makes everything better. So when you add bits of bacon to a pile of hearty wings, the results are enough to keep you distracted from the Super Bowl itself. Gaby of What’s Gaby Cooking is making tummies rumble everywhere with her super decadent recipe for bacon cheddar buffalo wings, which is basically meat on top of meat (paired with cool ranch dressing for dipping). “It’s kind of like a bacon cheeseburger, but in wing form,” she explains.
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    Baked Buffalo Chicken Wings On the topic of wings, no Super Bowl Sunday would be complete without buffalo. Don’t even think about skipping it — that's a big mistake. Instead, do your guests (and your stomach) a big favor by preparing crispy-meets-succulent baked buffalo chicken wings by Carla from Chocolate Moosey. She's also making prep much easier by baking her wings (instead of deep-frying) before topping with a homemade buffalo sauce.
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    Spicy Honey Lime Chicken Wings We have to admit, the only down side of enjoying a plate of chicken wings is dealing with the bones. Lucky for us, Tiffany from Le Crème De La Crumb came up with two recipes for these spicy honey lime chicken wings, which can be made with or without bones. Along with a gooey golden sauce that’s perfect on its own, there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t be stuffing your face with these wings — boneless or not — this weekend.
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    Roasted Chipotle Wings Sylvia of Feasting at Home is serving oven-roasted chipotle chicken wings featuring a fiery spice rub you can easily recreate in your own kitchen. And if you’re worried about all that heat, don’t fret: Her refreshing cilantro dipping sauce delivers the creamy coolness you need to continue stuffing your face.
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    Baked Brown Sugar Chicken Wings If you’re craving something on the much sweeter side, consider blissful baked brown sugar chicken wings from Chungah of Damn Delicious. Wonderfully crusted on the outside and juicy on the inside, Chungah's brown sugar wings provide plenty of crunch and sweetness. For an extra touch of heat, she suggests pairing these wings with her creamy roasted red pepper dip.
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